What are Snapchat Spectacles?

Snapchat Spectacles are very simple like sunglasses with a camera that sits on the right side while a circular aperture on the left side is there for notifications like battery life and interactivity. A blue light tail will begin spinning in this hole to let people know that you are recording, which somewhat looks like YouTube’s loading bar.

The videos can easily be sent through Bluetooth over to your phone so you can send them to your friends on Snapchat or post them to your stories.

Battery Life


Snapchat Spectacles last about a day with a minimal use, but the company is also offering a recharging case in which you can put the glasses for automatic recharging. The built-in battery in the charging case allows you four more charges. The glasses nicely fit into the case and magnetically lock into the charging port. You can use the charger on the move and when not in use, put them in the casing for recharging.


Snapchat Spectacles

The sunglasses have an interactive ring on the left corner which indicates battery level when you double tap on it. Similar ring of light is also located on the charging case for the same function.  Although the Snapchat Spectacles provide very limited interactivity, all is compensated by its smartphone app that has a useful interface and includes battery gauge.

Snapchat put the spinning ring of light on purpose so people may not use it as a spy cam. People can instantly know that you are looking at them and not recording.

Connecting Spectacles to Snapchat


Pairing the Spectacles to Snapchat is easy, just put on the glasses, open up the app, reach out the options that allow pairing. When Snap code will appear on the screen look at your smartphone’s screen with your glasses on and tap to record. Snapchat Spectacles will scan the code and connect you to the app.

Once paired, Snapchat Spectacles will send all the videos to your phone from where you can select which ones to keep and which ones to delete. So video posting must be done manually.

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Quality of videos

A Wifi chip in the glasses allows you to send HD videos to the app which you can send to your friends or publish to your stories. However, this transfer process takes more time compared to the automatic ones that you record and published directly with your smartphone.

Circular Videos

Snapchat Spectacles

This is a completely new thing to video recording classification, exclusively introduced by Snapchat Spectacles. Unlike vertical or horizontal videos, the glasses record circular videos. Circular but not 360-degree. The advantage of this new type of video format is that when you watch the video in the app and rotate your phone, it doesn’t affect the canvass and you can see more of your videos.

Snapchat Spectacles Price and Availability

Snapchat Spectacles

Ever since the app-maker announced their first hardware product, they have been really secretive about it. That’s perhaps because it is something completely new to the market and they want to test it out before fully going on sale and that’s why the demo batch is coming in limited quantities.

Snapchat is only selling the Spectacles in the vending machines that appear randomly across the country and the company is really making a big secret deal out of this. If you really want one, just keep your eyes on the company’s website to find out when a vending machine might show up near the place you live.

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