Top 9 Ways Technology is Helping Global Trade

If you are in a global business, utilizing technology is a surefire way of growing your business and increasing your customer base. Today, you can use many technological resources in your international business to make a difference and beat the competition. The great thing is that most of these resources are not expensive. Therefore, you don’t need to invest too much capital to benefit from them. The art of mastering international trade is learning to utilize technology to your advantage. It will help you dominate global markets and garner customers from all over the world. Here are nine practical ways to use technology for growth in international business.

Social Media

One element that is facilitating globalization is social media. Today, businesses can harness the power of social media presence to improve brand identity across borders and brand awareness. It has made this more accessible for small companies to spread the word about their services and products. A global brand can rely on social media platforms to promote its services.

Cloud Sharing

Today, businesses have a practical and secure way of storing data. Cloud storage has become necessary as the need for safe and robust methods of storing data increases. In the past, businesses required in-house storage facilities and files to keep their data. That means data could not be available unless you are in the location. However, today, data sharing is possible through the cloud. Therefore, through cloud sharing, remote workers can access and send information from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. This has improved global trade as transactions and growth can be achieved with ease.

Access to Experts

Technology has also made it easy for companies to access experts in their industry or within the region they plan to expand. In the past years, finding experts was the most challenging thing, and most international businesses had to find ways to survive without them. Today, it is easy to get help and advice from professionals on entering and dominating the global market.

Data Solutions

In addition to data sharing to improve international business, businesses can utilize data to make more impact. For instance, import brokerage for manufacturers has become easier as companies can now share details for customs brokers to facilitate shipment processes. Furthermore, they can use the data to determine business opportunities to improve trade. Therefore, with the ability to study data, businesses and brokers can know the right direction and what the company should offer to its global customers.

Mobile Payments

Technology has also improved methods of payment. Today, there are numerous options for payments that before. These methods have increased convenience and made it easy for global businesses to earn profits and expand their sales to different parts of the world. Through mobile payments, customers can buy and pay for services and products irrespective of where they are.

Marketing Expertise

Technology has also made marketing more accessible. With AI and machine learning, it is now possible to understand marketing scenarios, analyze them and use them to your advantage. This technology has eliminated marketing risks in unfamiliar environments like new countries. It gives information on what will work best based on location and target groups.


All successful businesses have been good at collaborating with their team from all over the world. It may not be easy for most global companies to collaborate, especially when their teams are separated by geographical distance. However, technology has changed things. It is now easy for teams to collaborate through easy and seamless data-sharing processes. The availability of collaboration tools has eliminated guesswork and mistakes due to poor communication.


Technology has expanded pools of networks where businesses can find meaningful connections. Social media and internet technology are helping companies to develop their lists of contacts. The number of important contacts you can connect with is unlimited because of improved communication through emails, websites, social media, etc.

Customer Pool

Technological solutions have also allowed international businesses to expand their customer base. Unlike when companies were limited to a particular region, today’s world has changed. The internet and social media availability have improved interactions and provided businesses with practical ways of exposing their services and products to the world. This has helped global companies increase profits and even achieve tremendous success.


The leaders in global businesses are leveraging technology to drive trade and expand their customer base. They are utilizing technology to achieve their goals. So, take advantage of the tools technology provides to make a name for your company worldwide and start earning more profits.

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