Google Nexus 10 Review

Recently, Google has launched a new and fabulous extension of Nexus series i.e. Nexus 10 and it is indeed one step ahead of all the high-end Smartphones by Google.  With Google as a name in itself, a stunning high definition resolution and a comparatively low price tablet may cause you to empty your wallets soon.


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Google Nexus 10 (16 GB)


The Google Nexus 10 is actually manufactured by Samsung, a company with strong ancestors in Android phone and tablet manufacturing. The Nexus 10 is a full sized tablet with a powerful processor, real high resolution screen, and Android 4.2 Jelly bean software. It is around 20% cheaper as compared to iPad 4 model. Nexus 10 uses a micro USB charger port for charging, which indeed is not the best way to charge a high-end tablet. This results in overnight charge and in case you forget to charge it, you are really going to have a bad day.


Build Quality

This tablet is built totally from rubber-coated plastic with a black frame with a broader bezel around the display. With round edges and two soft and sleek but powerful speakers, the sound quality is better than most of the tabs in the same range. The tab weighs 1.33 pounds with width of 8.9 mm, which is more or less equal to other tablets in the similar range.



The 10.1 multi touch display comes with a display of 2560×600 pixels with a pixel density of 300 ppi, which is surprisingly even higher and better than the latest iPad air and Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1. This makes it the best tab in the market with the most crisp picture quality.( Well, when this was written)


Nexus 10 is equipped with 1.7GHz Exynos 250, a dual core processor based on the ARM Cortex-A15 architecture. Loaded with an exciting 2GB of RAM, it is a speedy tablet that has been rated top in the Geek Bench 2 test with a close competition to the latest ipad.



Coming to the most exciting feature in Nexus 10, its Photo Sphere allows 360-degree panoramas, which confine almost everything from floors to ceiling and lets you capture a three-dimensional model of a real-world space. The tab has a 5mp rear camera with a flash, which is absent in tab2 and iPad air with the 1.9mp front camera.


Google Nexus 10 is likely to be the first device to run Android OS, v4.4.Video playback with impressive high definition source. It has the support for a number of mainstream codec including MP4, H.264, DivX and WMV .Since Android 4.1 Jelly Bean have had features like actionable and expandable notifications, Google Now and offline dictation Android 4.2 comes with all of these and some new including Hotel Bookings and Package Tracking.

Benefits of Owning a Tablet

What are some general reasons that a tablet such as a Google Nexus 10 is a good purchase? Let’s find out a few below!

1. Tablets read well
Are you a big reader? I find personally that though it is nice to read with a physical book every now and again, reading off a tablet is much more convenient, as it is small, serves multiple purposes, and can be taken anywhere.

2. Tablets are cheaper

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve needed a device desperately, but haven’t had the money to purchase a full-on PC or laptop? A tablet meets you in the middle and will fit nicely into your budget!

3. Tablets are good for presentations & meetings
If you want to sit discreetly in the corner or have to present an idea, it is best to do so with a small, non-distracting, handheld tablet.


Google Nexus 10 is quite impressive as it offers features like the Photo Sphere and the Android 4.4 Kitkat that adds to the user experience. It is also amongst the best tablets in the market with high media utilisation. The fast processor and 2GB RAM ensures that the tablet rarely slows down. With all these features, great body, and a good price makes Google Nexus 10 a must-have tablet.

CHECK IT OUT:Google Nexus 10 ( 32 GB)
Google Nexus 10 (16 GB)

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