Cubify Cube 3D Printer Review

One of the neatest types of technology every parent or teacher should get their hands on is a 3D printer. With 3D printing, you and your kids or students can explore the wonder of what happens when you bring creativity, math, and design together. With the rise of portable 3D printers, so has the slew of options available for you to choose from.  That’s where we come in to help. 

Today, we are going to take a look at one of the most popular 3D printers for both adults and children. This is the Cubify Cube 3D  Printer. We are going to go over the details of what makes this printer one of the best. With our in-depth analysis, you too will understand why so many parents and teachers have chosen this 3D  Printer to be the tool they use to promote innovation and creativity with their kids.

The Cubify Cube 3D printer is safe, fast, convenient, and economical that can turn your imagination into reality within minutes. With so much of buzz around about 3D printing and the results a 3D printer can produce, do you feel it can bring “pro-like” results from the comfort of your home? Let’s check that out.

Cubify Cube Overview

The Cube 3D printer prints in three dimensions unlike the traditional printing. The 3D printing is dynamic and works like creating a 3D object on CAD software and sending the design instructions to the printer through a USB stick or Wi-Fi.  Upon receiving the instructions, the printer creates objects by printing layers of ABS materials and PLA on top of each other until you have fulfilled your dreams into an object to hold. It’s like dispensing frozen soft Ice cream into one large cone.

3D Printer Features


When it comes to connectivity, Cubify cube is one of the best 3D printers on the market that gives three easy options to connect the printer to PC. Printer can be connected to PC via Wi-Fi and you can make your creations without having to connect the cord to PC. They can also be connected to each other through the flash drive that comes with the package. Thirdly, you can simply connect the USB cable to the PC once the software is downloaded.

ABS or PLA Prints and Eco-Friendly

You can print in two materials with the Cube printer as you can use recyclable ABS and PLA plastics along with glow in dark colors to bring vibrancy in the objects using 16 different color cartridges. Using recyclable ABS ensures that the product is environment friendly and does not do any harm to the ecosystem.


3D Print Size

The cube prints volume size of upto 5.5” or 140mm and has the limitation to not go beyond this size. Therefore, it only has a room for small objects. However, if you are looking out for a printer that is fun and safe for kids, is able to get you started in making creative objects for your projects at work or business, then Cube is an answer.

Touch Screen

The touch screen feature of the Cube acts like a cherry on the cake. This feature is available on few good 3D printers on the market and Touch Screen makes working with this printer much more convenient than others.

Child Safe

The Cube 3D Printer is the only 3D printer to be certified by TUV Rhineland as “Kids Safe” for home use by children and adults. It only means that even when the curious hands try to figure out how the object is being created, they are safe as the printer comes protected from the sides when it tends to get hot while making creations.


Check Cubify Cube 3D Printer Here

The Cubify cube is a perfect printer for home use to kick start making your creations in the most effective manner. It is ideal for people who want to start up their design studio or are into creative works. Also, if you have children, they would simply love their imagination taking different shapes and colors as soon as it is installed. In the price of $1300, you get to have a compact 3D printer that is a symbol for quality, efficiency, safety, and convenience. Voted as the “most reliable 3D printer” and “easiest to use” by the MAKE magazine, this printer can definitely produce pro-like results from the comfort of your home.

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