Learning With Technology – 10 New Technologies in Education

The education environment is being changed by technology; the main goal of technology is to make things easier, so the use of technology in education has brought a new horizon in our education sector. Students enjoy learning with technology and teachers have formulated more ways of integrating technology in classrooms. Many schools and teachers are appreciating the functions of technology in education. In the beginning, it was very difficult to convince teachers and schools to integrate technology in classrooms, some teachers could not find ways of integrating technology in the classroom, yet others thought that if they bring educational technology in the classroom, they might lose their jobs.

Let us not look at technology as a threat, we just have to integrate it well in our academic curriculum, educational technology simplifies the job of teachers and school administrators, yet it also simplifies the learning process. Students find it easy to learn with technology, because it keeps them excited and creative, though teachers have to teach students how to use technology to learn different subjects. Educational technology supports individual learning, so students will find it comfortable if they learn on their own without getting help from a teacher. Individual learning creates room for making mistakes and it creates space for learning from our own mistakes without being criticized by any one.

Below I have compiled some of the best new technology in education, these technologies can be used to enhance the learning process of students and it can also be used by teachers to reach more students worldwide.

  1. 1.    Flashnotes:

Flashnotes has just changed the way student access academic information. Students from different campuses use the network to sell and buy educative academic notes, this material is submitted in by creative students who know more about specific subjects, the notes submitted can be bought by another student from the same or different college / campus.

The mission of Flashnotes is to empower students to exchange educational material and be in position to supplement on their learning experience.

In the ”How to study effectively?”” section, students can get tips on how to plan for an exam and how to outline and organize course material. If you’re new to Flashnotes, you can start with the top sellers section and discover fellow students with high rankings. You can also make some money by selling your research notes to your fellow students.

Try out Flashnotes here

  1. 2.    LORE:

Students you can use LORE to learn more and teachers you can use the same network to teach more students. Learning should not be at school only, we have to learn at any given moment, learning is limitless, so why should we stop learning. Teachers and instructors get a chance to reach more students, simply join the LORE network and create a course, then students will join that course with a great aim of learning. This is more of a social network of education.

However, for students to join any course on this platform, they need a course code from an instructor or teacher who’s using LORE. To gain access, you need to ask your instructor or teacher for the code.

Try out LORE today here


  1. 3.    STUDYBLUE:

STUDYBLUE technology supports both online and mobile learning, students can have a chance to learn using STUDYBLUE mobile App. For students who want individual learning, this is a great educational technology for you, because no one will force you to learn and nobody will tell you that you can’t learn what you want to learn. STUDYBLUE is made for both students and teachers to unlock boring learning and teaching environments. Teachers you can use STUDYBLUE to teach what you want, engage your students with STUDYBLUE technology both in and out of the classroom, this technology will help you reach your students at anytime from anywhere.

Teachers can make flashcards for their students to study, and then students can ask them selves’ questions from these flashcards and also track their mastery of key concepts.

Just like they say ”STUDYBLUE” is built for students but it is loved by teachers. So try it out today here


  1. 4.    LEAP MOTION:

When it comes to using Gamification in education, this LEAPMOTION technology will just make learning with games interesting. LEAP is an innovative motion controller for PC’s. To make students interested in learning through Gamification, this motion sensor will just blow their minds; it takes away the frustration of using mouse and keyboards to control activities on a computer. So as a teacher, if you want your students to learn with computers, then you might consider this LEAP technology.

Students can use their fingers to draw, zoom, play and interact with educational content on a computer. Try out this new educational technology here:

  1. 5.    PaperTab

Image from:

Both teachers and students are using tablets at school as an educational tool. But this PaperTab is making the process of learning even more interesting. PaperTab has a flexible touchscreen which can allow you to send files or browse through pages of documents using hand gestures. This PaperTab looks and feels like a real paper, it can file and display 1000’s of paper documents which replaces the need for a computer to save your academic documents. The technology is developed by Plastic logic, learn more about PaperTab here 

  1. 6.    Chromebooks

Tablets and laptops have become the most used educational technologies, but the difference between Chromebooks and other tablets or laptops is that:

  • Chromebooks are affordable compared to tablets and other laptops, so students will find it easy to buy Chromebooks.
  • Chromebooks are user friendly, so a student can push only One-button to run a full setup.
  • Chromebooks come with a smooth typing pad which can be good when taking notes in the classroom.
  • When it comes to fixing faulty hardware, a Chromebook is less costly comapared to other laptops.

Buy a new affordable Chromebook here:


  1. 7.       NOODLETOOLS:

NoodleTools is an integrated online academic research platform which helps teachers provide educational instructions to their students. The network targets students in upper elementary, tools provided by NoodleTools support research process, students can easily take-notes, archive documents which they can use at a later stage. Here are some useful features of NoodleTools every student will need during their learning process.

  • NoodleTools will generate parenthetical reference for each citation and this will come with an advanced help feature.
  • NoodleTools can check for mistakes like; punctuation, abbreviation in your notes.
  • It promotes ethical research through online notecards which captures author’s words, images and graphs.

 Try out NoodleTools here:

  1. 8.     CELLY:

Learning with technology has just become simpler and interesting. With online social technologies like Celly, students can use Celly mobile texting network to exchange educational information.  Students can join for free with one text and start exchanging group messages, polls, reminders and much more.

Though teacher still have a debate on the usage of cell phones in classroom, this mobile texting technology is educational based, unlike twitter, Celly will keep students engaged , shy students will find Celly very useful, because they can use text messages to ask questions.

Learn more about Celly here

  1. 9.    SnagIt:

When it comes to group learning, students can use Snagit software to share projects and research work. You can use Snagit to create illustrational videos and images, so it is a cool technology for both students and teachers. When it comes to creating educational tutorials, snagit will be the best tool to use. Teachers can create classroom blogs and use Snagit to create and publish educational tutorials for their students.

Get a free trail version of Snagit here:

  1. 10.                      Glogster EDU

Both teachers and students will find GlogsterEdu useful.It enables both students and teachers to create GLOGS-online, these Glogs / multimedia posters can have text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawinngs, data attacthments and much more. Teachers this technology will save you from those paper-poster boards, also students can use Glogster to create and showcase research work in the classroom. When it comes to pricing, a single account will go for $20 per year , then for a school or classroom, 500 accounts will cost you only 40 cents per account. It is an affordable educational technology.

Try GlogsterEdu here: 

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