The Use of Technology – In Education and Teaching Process

The effective Use of Technology in Education has changed the face of education and it has created more educational opportunities. Both teachers and students have benefited from various educational technologies, teachers have learned how to integrate technology in their classrooms and students are getting more interested in learning with technology. The use of technology in education has removed educational boundaries, both students and teachers can collaborate in real time using advanced educational technologies.

Technology has helped in the growth of mobile learning and long distance learning. The use of internet technology has enabled teachers to reach students across boarders and also students from developing countries have used internet technology to subscribe for advanced educational courses. Many universities and colleges have embraced online education by creating virtual classrooms. Online education is flexible and affordable, students can attend classrooms during their free time, and they can also have a chance to interact with other students virtually.

Recent advancements in educational technologies have yielded positive results in our education sector. This new educational technology is supporting both teaching and learning processes, technology has digitized classrooms through digital learning tools like, computers, iPads, smartphones, smart digital white boards; it has expanded course offerings, it has increased student’s engagement and motivation towards learning.


  • Technology should not replace teachers. Its main use is to enable students learn better through increasing their engagement in educational activities.
  • Technology is not having cool ipads or expensive gadgets; it is about the learning process. Technology has to improve the learning process and aim at improving student’s grades.
  • Technology has to facilitate and stimulate individual learning. Students should use technology to learn on their own with limited help from teachers.


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(a)                                   ADVANTAGES OF TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION:

1. Technology Unlocks Educational Boundaries: Technology supports Virtual or Online Learning. Unlike physical classrooms, online learning is flexible and students from different geographical locations can attend the same class with no need of traveling from those locations. Advancement in virtual technology has supported face-to-face communication between students and teachers in the virtual world. In this case, students can easily ask their remote based educators’ questions using virtual communication tools like SKYPE. Online education is a new wave in our education environment and it has made many educational courses and material accessible to anyone in the world.  Many colleges and universities are blending their educational systems with online learning tools, this helps students of these institutions learn from anywhere.

2. Technology Simplifies Access to Educational Resources: Technology helps students gain access to open educational resources. These resources are kept under the public domain and are freely available to anyone over the world-Wide-Web. These educational resources include electronic books (e-books) , pod-casts, digital libraries, educational games, educational videos and instructions, tutorials and much more. Teachers have embraced video hosting platforms like Youtube, to upload recorded lectures, so that students who missed lectures can access them from anywhere. Also the use of cell phones for educational purposes, helps students and teachers access educational information using Edtech Apps . Teachers are also using lesson videos and clips online to learn how other educators are using technology in classroom and education, these techniques and approaches uploaded by other educators promote self training and they help many teachers when it comes to integrating technology in their own classrooms. Website like TeacherTube, Youtube, 02 Learn, are providing free online lessons and videos to students, these videos have been created and uploaded by teachers and experienced educators.

3. Technology Motivates Students: The use of computer based instructions makes students feel in control of what they learn. Students find it easy to learn with technology because computers are patient compared to humans. Teachers publish educational instructions on classroom blogs or they assign research work via email, and this gives a student time to study on their own and have no fear of making mistakes during the process of learning.  Also the use of Gamification educational technologies has increased students interest in learning, teachers use educational puzzles and video games to teach students how to solve different academic challenges, this all process makes students love to learn.

4. Technology Improves Students Writing and Learning Skills: The use of computers in the classroom has helped many students learn how to write well composed sentences and paragraphs. Computers have word processing applications which students use to take notes in the classroom, these word processing applications have built-in dictionaries which help students auto-correct spelling errors and also correct their grammar in a sentence. Also students using English teaching software and mobile applications like BUSUU. Many students have used BUSUU APP to learn different languages online and they can also get access to grammar guides provided by experienced publishers. Teachers encourage their students to create personal blogs using free blog publishing services like BLOGGER & WORDPRESS, students use these blogs to express them selves and share with friends, this process helps students learn how to write creative blog posts.

5. Technology makes subjects easy to learn: Different types of educational software are designed to help students learn various subjects easier. Many students complain that learning Math is difficult, so some of them have decided to use educational Math software like BrainingCamp. Students can use BrainingCamp to apply their Math knowledge and skills to solve different math equations. makes learning math very interesting. Also students use math learning games to learn new skills of solving math equations. Websites like IXL.COM,, help students of different grades to learn simple math basics. Teachers and students can take advantage of sites like; they create powerful educational software that motivates students to learn in a fun way. Some of the best educational software on include:

  • Baggin’ the Dragon v2 – which is Multiplayer Computer Maths Game for Kids
  • Spelling Force v2 – software which helps kids learn how to spell.

6. Promotes Individual Learning: Technological tools like cell phones and internet give students an opportunity to learn by them selves. Many students prefer teaching them selves and discovering content by them selves, this process allows them to test various options to solve a given task at school. Students use interactive educational games and software to develop different academic skills. For example; Art and design students can use Photoshop software to learn different design and editing skills, the process of learning how to use Photoshop is tricky, but the more mistakes and trials a student makes, the better they become at using Photoshop. Also the use of cell phones as educational tools encourages students to download educational podcasts which they can listen to while at home.

7. Supports Differentiated Instructions:  Teachers can use technology to cater for each and every student’s needs in the classroom or out side of the classroom. The use of classroom assessment software and performance tracking programs helps teachers plan for each student basing on their performance and learning capabilities. Teachers can be in position to classify students and know their weakness and strength as far as education is concerned. Teachers can use mobile applications like to get student’s response on any topic or subject. Social collaboration tools like can help teachers create virtual classroom and assign research work or answer student’s questions from anywhere.

8. Increases Collaboration between Teachers and Students: The use of advanced communication technologies in education helps teachers reach their students easily and it also helps students reach their teachers or fellow students in real-time. Teachers can use mobile texting applications like to text students about an upcoming test or to assign them research topics. Educational social networks like connect students with experienced educators; social bookmarking sites like help students collaborate and follow creative teachers and educators from around the world.  This flexibility in interaction and communication between teachers and students helps shy students improve on their grades.

9. Prepares Students for Tomorrows Technological Jobs: As the world develops, every job in the future will require applicants to have some technical skills. So the use of technology in education prepares our children for tomorrows advanced working conditions. Students use computers in the classroom to develop creative applications which can be used on cell phones or tablets for educational purposes. The advantages of knowing how to use a computer are limitless, so the more time a students spends using various technological tools at school, the more experienced and creative they become. According to research, the most popular jobs today will be of no value in the next 5-10 years, because technology will automate most of these tasks, so it is better to equip our children with technical skills so that they create their own jobs.

10. Increases Students Innovation and Creativity: Many teachers have discovered that integrating technology in their classroom increases student’s engagement in the classroom. So now they put up technological competitions where students can make small educational technologies like robots, smart-pens, mobile applications and much more. These technological competitions in schools have increased the level of creativity and innovation among students. Technology teaches students how to solve challenges and get ready for more difficult tasks in life.

(b)                                                EFFECTIVE TECHNOLOGY  FOR STUDENTS:

Below I have listed some of the best 17  technologies for students; however, both teachers and students can use these educational technologies.

1. Amplify Tablet:

The use of tablets in the classroom has increased, so creative technological companies are developing different types of tablets for students. This AmplifyTablet is the only tablet for k-12 education. It has an easy to use unique interface. Tablets can be used to store digital data, to access internet, to take notes in the classroom, to make presentations in the classroom, to facilitate mobile learning and so much more. This AmplifyTablet comes with various educational applications and students can easily organize classroom notes by category which makes it easy for them to search for notes while in the classroom. Also teachers can use this Amplify Tablet, it comes with easy-to-use classroom tools a teacher can use to plan lessons, prepare quizzes, and send assignments and so much more. Students who want to buy this new AmplifyTablet, it will cost you only $299, plus $99/year subscription fee with a 2-year commitment. Buy this Amplify Tablet from here..

2. Tell Me More Spanish

Learning a second language has never been easier, students who want to learn Spanish, you can use this software. Tell Me More Spanish makes learning Spanish very easy and fun. It is always good for a student to know more than one language because this will increase on their chances of getting jobs across borders. This Spanish learning software comes with comprehensive tests which you can use to evaluate your level and progress of learning this new Spanish language. Tell Me More Spanish software also covers speaking and listening lessons, reading and writing lessons, grammar and vocabulary lessons. For those who want to become Spanish gurus, this software comes with over 5,000 exercises which cover all skills for learning Spanish language. For those who need help on how to use this software, you will get 24/7 support. Download Tell Me More Spanish from here..

3. TI 84 Plus – Graphing Calculator

Science students will find this Graphing Calculator very important especially during physics and math lessons. This TI-84 Plus has many built in functions which every high school and college student will need. Its programming capabilities can do more than what you expect. It’s very easy to use and its programmed formulas and equations can save you lots of time. Also k-12 students can use this TI-84 Plus graphing calculator during their Algebra classes. When it comes to pricing, you will spend only $116 for this TI 84 Plus – Graphing Calculator. Get it from ( AMAZON.COM )

4. Math Success Deluxe

Learning math has never been easy, but this software just makes the all subject seem too simple. Math Success Deluxe is ideal for students of all levels. It includes all math basics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability, statistics and more than 1,900 math exercises. Teachers who have students doing badly in Math, I suggest you recommend them to use Math Success Deluxe software. It does not matter how complex an equation might be, Math Success Deluxe will teach you basics and tricks of solving all math equations. Also adults who want to go back to school and polish their math skills, i suggest you try this math teaching software, it will teach you the most important basics in math, the software has interactive quizzes and detailed explanations which can take you through each step of learning MATH. Download Math Success Deluxe from here(Its gone now, thus no link sorry) 

5. WhiteSmoke

Many students have issues when it comes to writing skills, it is easy to speak English, but it is not that easy to write a well compose sentence in English. So if you want to improve your writing skills, i suggest you try using WhiteSmoke software. What makes WhiteSmoke software different from other English teaching software is that WhiteSmoke has cool features which are easy to use, for example; spelling check which will auto-correct spelling errors, grammar check which corrects grammar in a sentence, punctuation check for checking correct application of punctuations in a sentence, a multilingual dictionary and so much more. Students, you can download WhiteSmoke from here


Student always have busy schedules, they have to work at a part time job, do house work, do extracurricular activities, interact socially with friends, and so much more. With all these tasks, you will always feel relaxed and tired when it comes to completing your home work. So for you to balance your study time and leisure time, you need some extra help from On this website, you will get a personal tutor who will provide you with extra assistance to complete your home work. has over 3,000 learning modules in essential subjects like math, science, social studies and English. Learn more about plans and subscriptions from here

7. Chegg

Students can rent or buy text books from It can be costly to buy all the text books you need to use at school, so the best option is to rent them for a while and return them back after use. Students can save hundreds of dollars. Also students can earn some extra dollars through selling their own text books on You can also use home work help platform to ask questions on just about any topic and users of Chegg will provide you with a solution. Learn more about Chegg from here

8. High School Success Deluxe

High school students you will like this software. It is one of my favorite educational software suite. It is ideal for all learning levels; High School Success Deluxe can teach you algebra, writing skills, chemistry, history, biology and foreign languages. As a student, this software will save you money, yet you will learn basics in almost every essential subject. It also comes with over 2000 exercises which you can use to improve your academic skills. Users of High School Success Deluxe software can also have access to free homework help from


9. Tutor:

Every student can get their own tutor who can work with them on a one-on-one basis. You can use in any subject, so any time you need help with your homework and your friends or classmates are out of reach, go and get a dedicated Tutor. This platform has many experienced professionals who can help you solve any thing. A dedicated tutor will help you work through your homework problems on a step by step basis, until your homework assignment is complete. So, from today, don’t get stack with that assignment, get a tutor to help you out. It is time to get the hassle out of homework. Try it today from here.

10. Timetoast:

Students can use to create web based timelines. You can create timelines and share them with your friends at school. It is basically a social sharing platform which can be used in so many ways. For example, you can use it to share field work photos with your friends via your timeline. Create your own Timeline from here….


Students can use as a mind mapping tool, mind maps can help students organize their ideas and work. You can create your own mind maps, share them across top social networks or embed them on your personal blog or classroom blog. You can use without registering; try it today for free

12. Scribd

Students can use Scribd to publish their own articles online. is a digital document library which can allow students to publish academic documents, discover and discuss on various educational documents. When it comes to making personal research and individual learning, i recommend this platform. Educators and experienced people across the world upload educational documents which you can download and read using your cell phone. You can also be part of this social sharing community by uploading your research work or classroom notes. Try Scribd for free today.

13. TodaysMeet

Students can use this TodaysMeet to create virtual chat-rooms which you can use to communicate with your fellow classmates. For example, you can create a discussion group in your classroom, then use TodaysMeet to create virtual discussion rooms with your group members. You can use live stream features and comment or ask questions. This educational communication technology will help you interact with your classmates from anywhere. Try it out today from here..

14. RefSeek

Students can use RefSeek search engine to evaluate web results. This is an academic search engine which can be used by students to find relevant educational websites and documents online. Refseek cuts out all the mess in search, they eliminate sponsored results and put more focus on providing educational data, though most of this data is provided by Google. You can have a test drive on  and see if it is relevant to you as a student.

15. iEARN

You can connect with other students around the world using this International Education and Resource Network ( iEARN). This platform will enable you interact with students from over 130 countries. As of now, the network has over 40,000 educators with whom you can interact with. iEARN hosts over 150 educational projects and all of these projects are designed to fit student’s classroom needs and schedules. You can join iEARN today and participate in any educational project. See more details here…

16. Wikispaces:

Use to create free online portfolios. As a student, you create wiki pages and feature your educational experience, pictures, videos, web links and ideas. It is very easy to edit and update a wiki pages. WIKISPACE.COM is an educational platform which hosts independent wiki’s for teachers, students, schools and universities. You can use your wiki page to practice writing skills. Create a free account today from here…

17. Vocaroo:

You can use Vacaroo to record podcasts which you can share with classmates. This website can enable you record podcasts live from their website, then the recorded audio can be sent to you via email, you can embed it on a classroom blog. If your classroom has no podcasting software, Vacaroo will be the best option. You can use Vocaroo for free, simply signup and get started from here...

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