Technology in the Business World – New Business Technology 2013

The business world is changing very fast because of new emerging business technologies. Many businesses have been using technology to scale out and get a high position in the market, small businesses have managed to gain competitive advantage over well established businesses using technology. This positive impact of technology on business has changed the game of business and the business world is becoming much more competitive than before,

now days it is very difficult for a company to dominate a market for long, monopoly is yet to be the term of the past, because everyone can have access to technology. Communication and the flow of information have changed, with internet technology, anyone can gain access to business information, and we all know that information is power.

In the past, information used to be locked and taken advantage of by a few companies, this made so many companies rich and it was so difficult for small businesses to gain competitive advantage over these big companies.  Today, any one with internet can access information about targeted markets, consumer needs and wants, and so much more.

The business world is using technology in so many ways, for example, technology is used to simplify communication, it is used to promote and market services and products, it is used to invent new products and services, technology is used for human resource management, it is also being used to understand consumer needs and wants, and so much more.

Every business has its own need for technology, but every business aims at gaining a strong position in the market using technology. The effects of technology in the business world are unmeasurable. Starting up a business has become so easy, with simple technological tools like computers, internet and VOIP telephones, any one can start a business from home and serve a global market.

Let’s take a simple example of online stores like ETSY.COM. It allows creative people to create online stores and sale handmade products, small business owners stay at home and create products which range from fashion – home and garden, the owners of these small stores, will use technological tools like computers, digital cameras and the internet to show case their handmade products on ETSY.COM.

Basing from the example above, technology has helped small business owners to reach big markets with small budgets, monopoly is becoming the thing of the past.

Below i have listed some new business technologies for 2013.

  1. 1.     iPad Case + Floor Stand

Do not stop that video conference meeting, simply because you to attend to some things while at home or work, this iPad Case + Floor Stand will enable you place your iPad anywhere and continue with that videoconferencing meeting with your business partners or employees. Every business person will find tablets like iPads very essential because they allow you to work from anywhere, but this iPad Case + Floor Stand will simplify the way you interact with your iPad, its is slim and adjustable so you can use your iPad from all angles, it also comes with a floor stand. You can buy this iPad case stand from GOTDUET


  1. 2.     Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse

Simplify the way you do things with your computer using this Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse, a hardworking business person spends more than 10 hours on a computer, so add some fan to your daily work by using this advanced Multi-Touch Keyboard. It is composed of high quality tempered glass and a solid metal base. This keyboard comes with rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries and it is wireless, so you will have fan while at work. This keyboard uses a technology which senses your finger touch on the sleek and the motion will be translated using advanced touch technology. Buy one from TRANSLUSENSE

  1. 3.    EMBRACE

Don’t miss important business calls or messages, this EMBRACE fashionable accessory can notify you of any new calls or messages while your busy attending a business meeting or working out in the GYM. I also have to buy this tech accessory, because i miss lots of business messages while in the GYM, so it is a very useful accessory. To enjoy the functionality of this device, you can customize notifications with colors that fit your style then save them in a profile. It works with both iPhone and Android phones. So which notifications will you be getting with this EMBRACE fashionable reminder. Get notified on (Incoming calls, sms, email, instagram updates, twitter updates, facebook messages, Skype,) and so much more.  When it comes to size, the thickness of the band is only 5.4mm and the band width is 12mm long , so, it will fit on your hand just like a wrist watch.

Learn more about EMBRACE here


  1. 4.     TsirTech Universal Wrist Band

You don’t have to miss a business call or message simply because your iPhone or iPad is out of power. This TsirTech Universal Wrist Band Gadget Charger comes with a built-in battery which can charge your iPhone as you talk, or power your iPad as you complete that business videoconferencing meeting. It is the type of technology which will help you do business while traveling and you will have no worries of running out of cell phone or ipad battery. You can wear this charger like a wrist watch, so you simply charge your phone as you talk. When it comes to pricing, this device is affordable, it will cost you only $29.99. Buy it from AMAZON.COM



These four business technologies I have listed here can be used by any business person to simplify they accomplish specific business tasks during a busy day. I have kept the list of new business technologies limited because every business has its own need for technology and we can’t cover each and every new business technology for every business. Before, you invest money in any new business technology, make sure you define the use and needs of that particular technology, sometimes; you don’t have to spend money on new technologies.

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