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Many people are debating on the use of desktop computers in business, some think that tablets, laptops and smartphones will replace desktops, but in my point of view, desktop computers are here to stay. Desktop Computers are like denim jeans, nothing will replace them. Tablets are luxury gadgets; they can’t survive hash working conditions. Today i have compiled a list of the best desktop computers for business. Most of these computers have been advanced and they use new computer technology.

  1. 1.    Apple iMac:

This is a stunning desktop computer with a beautiful slim design. It has a re-engineered 21.5 -inch widescreen which is 75% less reflective. This Apple iMac comes with a 3rd generation quad-core Intel core processor and a super-fast NVIDIA graphic card which will display images in a stunning manner. This iMac is an advanced version of the old iMac desktop computer, it also comes with 8 GB memory and 1 TB hard drive which can store all your business data and videos without worrying about going out of space. The 8 GB ram makes it easy and fast to access your files from the drive. If you want a strong desktop machine for your business, then opt for this Apple iMac desktop computer.

When it comes to price, you will spend $1,299.00, dude, this machine comes at a serious price, but its worth that price. Buy it from AMAZON.COM

  1. 2.    ASUS ET2701

This ASUS ET2701 reflects a tradition of finest quality and innovation. It is a very powerful desktop computer which comes at an affordable price. It has 8 GB DDR3 RAM , comes with Intel Core_i5_3450 Processor 3.1GHz , 2000GB 7200rpm Hard Drive and a 27 – Inch screen for high resolution. This ASUS ET2701 works effectively without any noise and it has a very nice design. The machine boots up very fast, so it lets you do your work in time. Its display is wide and clear. In general ASUS products are worth trying if you want to work effectively.

When it comes to price, this ASUS ET2701 is affordable; you will spend only $1,229.99. Buy it from AMAZON.COM


  1. 3.    HP Compaq Elite 8300

This is an all in one desktop computer; it can meet all your tech business needs. This touch screen desktop computer is easy to use and it will make you work smarter. Boost your productivity at work with HP Compaq Elite 8300 desktop computer. It has faster boot up time and quick application responsiveness. When it comes to storage, this HP Compaq Elite 8300 comes with 1 TB SATA Hard drive , or you can opt for a self encrypted 246GB solid state drive. Do things faster at work with this touch screen HP Compaq Elite 8300. When it comes to video conferencing the machine comes with a built-in webcam and a dual microphone array.

To own this HP Compaq Elite 8300, you will spend only $787.74, it is a fair price compared to the other machines on this list. Buy it from AMAZON.COM

  1. 4.     Lenovo IdeaCentre A720

If you can not afford the Apple iMac desktop computer, then this Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 is a very good option for you. It has a slim design which looks just like an Apple iMac desktop. This Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 comes with 8GB DDR3 1600 RAM which makes it a fast machine, when it comes to storage, you can use its 750GB SATA III 5400 RPM Hard Drive. This Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 has a 27 Inch Multi-Touch screen which will improve your working experience. What makes it different from other desktop computers is that it can be adjusted in all angles.  This Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 has advanced desktop navigation features like Snap, Peek and Shake, these features make it easier to manage all of your open windows without slowing down the machine.

Buy it from AMAZON.COM

  1. 5.    Dell XPS One 27

If you’re a great fan of Dell Computers, then you will like this new Dell XPS One 27. It has a 27 Inch Quad HD display which will display your work in an amazing manner. It has 8GB of Ram and your data will be stored on a 2TB SATA Hard Drive. The storage space of this Dell XPS One 27 is bigger than most high end desktop computers, so you save anything on this Dell XPS One 27 without any fear of running out of space. You can do everything with this Dell XPS One 27, for example, you can work, play games or watch movies on this slim Dell XPS One 27, it comes with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse.

When it comes to pricing, this Dell XPS One 27 will cost you $1,999.00. Buy it from AMAZON.COM

  1. 6.     Samsung Series 7

This is an elegant desktop computer with a sharp HD Display, it uses touch screen technology which makes it interesting to use. Samsung is a great electronics manufacturing company, so this explains why this Samsung Series 7 is so fabulous. It comes at an affordable price, so you don’t have to worry about having a fat budget to own a cutting edge desktop computer for your small business. You can easily explore web apps, favorite websites and much more with a touch screen and gesture control.

This Samsung Series 7 is quite interesting because you can use your gesture control to adjust the volume of your device, play games or control the cursor without touching the device.

When it comes to pricing, you will spend only $999.99. Buy it from AMAZON.COM


In conclusion, for those who think that tablets and smartphones will replace desktop computers, you have to think twice, because these powerful cutting edge desktops can not be replaced by those tablets. But a tablet or laptop is good when you’re traveling , tablets do not process high end tasks like desktop computers.

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