What is Business Technology – 5 New Types of Business Technology

What Is Business Technology? Business technology is comprised of a wide range of hardware components and software applications which keep a business running to ensure efficiency and smooth operation of  daily business activities.

In preparing to enter today’s fast-paced, ever changing, and exciting business environment, every business owner has to understand the new thinking of business operation. Technology is shaping the face of business and every day new business technologies are being invented and employed by various businesses to gain competitive advantage.

Factors like globalization are shaping today’s business world, different types of business technology have enabled many companies to serve a global market without setting up physical business premises in those locations.

If you want to compete and survive in today’s economy, you have to be on the leading edge of technology. This is truly the time when knowledge is power, and knowing your competition as well as your customers will define the success of your business.

It is quite surprising that today a business can not base its production decisions on what people NEED. Businesses must do their research and find out what people WANT, or figure out ways they can make people want a product they’re producing. To achieve this goal, a business has to capture and record information about what people WANT, as a result, this has led to many IT-based databases and data warehouses of which businesses are now boasting. Data captured by Big Data warehouses contains valuable information detailing customer’s wants and desires.

We have three major business technologies which have played a big role in shaping the business environment and these include: (1) Electronic Commerce, (2) Telecommuting and (3) Virtual Workplace.

1 – Electronic Commerce: is commerce accelerated and enhanced by Information Technology (IT). Electronic commerce enables customers and companies to perform transactions through the use of electronic data interchange (EDI).

2 – Telecommuting: Is the use of communications technologies to work in a place other than a central location. Many companies are resorting to this form of human resource. Employees are hired to work from their homes and they get paid for work done.

3 – Virtual Workplace: This is a technology-enabled workplace. It has no walls, no boundaries, people can work at anytime , from anywhere and they are linked to other people and information needed to complete a given task.

Business technology is divided into two, we have ”Hardware technology ” and ”Software Applications for businesses. Below I have listed different types of business technology and on each business technology I have explained how you can use that particular business technology to accomplish different business tasks.


Technology for Business – Top 100 Business Technologies


  1. 1.    myIDKey:

It is very essential to protect your business data and information. myIDKey puts all your passwords on your finger tips. It is a voice activated finger print secure Bluetooth / USB drive which displays your passwords and private personal information online.

How important is myIDKey to any business person?

Many business people  use different passwords online so that they protect specific business information, however, you will always have trouble remembering all those passwords. So this myIDKey technology will make your life easier, because it will manage all your passwords. You either use your finger print to display passwords or use your voice to display important information. You can easily auto-fill and manage passwords for the sites you visit most often using this device. Protect and access what matters to you.  Learn more about myIDKey here

  1. 2.    Guardian:

Now you can control your wireless router using a mobile application. The Guardian is a wireless router which comes with a strong and easy to use mobile application. Supply internet to all wireless devices in your office using this advanced wireless router. You can easily manage your network using a simple mobile application which works with this wireless router, you don’t need any tech experience to manage your network, easily spot which devices are not connected or spot network failures via Guardian mobile application, fix network issues using the Guardian mobile application. The app is designed to work with the Guardian wireless router.

So, what can you do if you combine both the Guardian Wireless Router with its mobile application?

  • You can easily create separate networks with different filters and restrictions.
  • You can also create multiple SSID’s
  • You can set internet usage timers. ( save money by turning off internet automatically after working hours)
  • You can easily redirect block web requests to a custom web page.
  1. 3.    MAUZ:

Business technology is advancing everyday, now you can use this Mauz device to control activities on computers around you. This is a great technology for saving us time and it also improves the way we give tech support at work. Imagine one IT expert with responsibility of teaching simple computer basics to over 20 employees, you can do this with this MAUZ device, manage every employees computer using your gestures and stay focused on things which matter most in the business.

So what can MAUZ do?

  • MAUZ will allow you and your employees to control computers and media centers with a kinetic three dimensional computer mouse which can be connected to a Smartphone.

In simple terms, this MAUZ device turns your Smartphone into a remote computer mouse. Lear more about MAUZ here

  1. 4.     OPEN Wifi-Cloud

You can easily share internet at work using this Open Wifi-Cloud. This is a good technology for businesses which share working space with other business. To save money, you can all use the same internet connection and share internet costs at the end of the month. For any small business to succeed, it has to find ways of saving money. Many startups share working space with other small businesses, so they can also take advance of Open Wi-Fi Cloud and share internet at work.

Wi-Fi Cloud Enables routers can automatically be joined in one wireless network so that they cover a large working space or building.

  1. 5.    Galaxy Hub:

This is a smart presentation device which supports smart applications. It is a good technology for business communication; you can use it to show presentation slides on any screen or projector. So with this technology, you don’t have to carry your laptop or tablet to the conference room. Technically the all presentation will be done by this device, it can do video conferencing, send and receive emails, edit PDF documents, do PowerPoint presentations and so much more with this device.

This Galaxy hub will enable you store files on cloud and access them from anywhere. It simplifies the way you communicate with others at work and it also simplifies the way you access information.

Learn more about Galaxy Hub here

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