New Technology in Business – 15 Best Business Tech Concepts

Technology has played a big role in changing our business environment. If technology is well implemented, it can make a great difference on your business. Now days, it is very essential to have an online presence because your customers will expect you to be online. The increased use of mobile phones, has forced many businesses to go mobile so that they serve a bigger audience.

You also have to socialize your business by joining top social networks like Faceboook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Meetup. Socializing with your targeted consumers will help in strengthening your relationship with your customers and this will increase on your sales in the long-run.

So, how can new technology in business help your small business?

New business technology can speed up business processes and it will also offer you flexible ways of completing different business tasks like; making communication easy, securing your business data, creating business entry barriers, improving customer care and so much more.

Every business, has its own needs for using technology, so as a business owner or manager, you need to plan well for this new technology. Small businesses can use new business technology to compete with successful businesses in the market. However, for you to gain competitive advantage in a market with successful business players, you need to know how to choose the right business technology for your business:

How to choose the right technology for your business?

For you to understand whether this new technology for business could be of great use to your business, you ask your self the following questions:

  • Who is using this new business technology and what are they using it for? (this means you have to study your competitors and know how they are using that particular technology )
  • How efficient are your current operations without this new technology? ( if you find that this new business technology can boost the efficiency of your business, then go for it.)
  • Is your current technology getting out dated or is it causing delays in business operations. ( If the answer is ”YES” then it is time to implement new business technology)

Below is a list of top 15 new Technologies for business:

  1. 1.    Dock Minimal:

Work smarter with this Dock Minimal technology, it is a simple gadget which works as a universal tablet stand and dock with over 20 viewing angles. It fits most tablets which include iPad mini, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Kindle fire tablet and so much more.

So, why do you need this Dock Minimal in your business?

During a business meeting, you might need to use your tablet for presentation purposes or use it for a video conferencing meeting. Technically it can be challenging to rotate your tablet so that everyone in the meeting gets involved in the video conference, or see your project presentation on the tablet.

So this Dock Minimal will hold your tablet firmly on the table and it will allow you to rotate the tablet in 20 viewing angles.

Lear more about Dock Minimal here

  1. 2.    Life-Spot:

Everyone at work has a cellphone, but the trouble comes when we all want to charge our cell phones. Stop competing for sockets to charge your cellphones at work, use this Life-Spot multi cellphone charger. It comes in a reasonable size so it can fit well on your office desk, or you can place it anywhere in the office so that your employees can easily charge their cellphones. It is compatible with all cellphones and it comes with 8 built-in retractable cords.

Learn more about Life-Spot universal charger here

  1. 3.    Dark Energy Reservoir:

Why miss business emails or calls because you’re Smartphone is out of power. Move with this portable premium portable charger. It can recharge an average Smartphone 4-6 times. It can be recharged with any MicoUSB cord or you can use solar chargers to charge it. This Dark Energy Reservoir can recharge two USB devices simultaneously and it can retain full capacity for a one full year if unused. Dark energy reservoir can also charge tablets and laptops.

Lear more here:



When it comes to business presentation, this KUDOS presenter for iphone will make things simple for you. From today, you can control your Power Point Presentations using your iPhone. This KUDOS presenter will gather data from iPhone sensors and touch screen and this information can be used in power point presentations. You can use KUDOS as a presenter or a media player controller.

Learn more about KUDOS here:


  1. 5.    StormFly:

Just imagine having a PC on your wrist. For busy business people, you nologer need to move with your laptop, this stormfly USB can store every thing you have on your laptop, simply plug it into any computer or tablet, and your data will be with you. The device will also allow you to securly access private data from anywhere without fear of viruses or traps that might be on foregin computers. This stormfly works as a full operating system but stored on a single USB drives and the other good thing about Stornfly is that, it does not leave a trace of your work on any computer you use.

Learn more about StormFly here:

  1. 6.    Mycestro:

This is the next generation of 3D Mouse. It is slim and easy to use, the mouse can fit on the finger and it will allow you to control your computer simple hand gestures. So forget about that bulky mouse which you can’t use while on the plane. try out this Mycestro 3D mouse , it is activated by your thumb, and it is compatible with Bluetooth. Its battery life is estimated to be about 7 – 8 hours basing on usage and it can be charged via USB.

Learn more about this Mycestro mouse here…   



  1. 7.    Scanther:

Now that all businesses are going mobile, the competition for socail traffic is high. After creating a mobile friendly website for your business, you will need to drive explosive traffic to that mobile website. So this new Scanther technology will do this social connection in a smart manner. Scanther is a set of 5 smart signs that use the power of NFC, OR, and SMS to connect your customers to your mobile site, for those without mobile websites, save that money and use Scanther Mobile Site Builder.

So what is Scanther kit and how can it benefit your business?

Scanther is a boxed kit with five smart signs which use NFC, QR, and SMS technology to send traffic to your mobile business website. After creating a mobile site using Scanther Site Builder, you will get an analytic page which will show you the performance of your smart signs and instant mobile website.

Learn more about this new business technology here

  1. 8.   Blink (1)

Many times we miss important business messages because of the many tasks we do during the day, so this BLINK(1) is a small USB light which will blink when ever something happens on your computer or internet. So you don’t have to check your computer or internet all the time for new messages or updates, spend more time completing other business tasks, and let the Blink USB do the alerts.

So, what does a Blink(1) USB do?

  • It will notify you when your business associates are connected on skype.
  • It notifies you when downloads on your computer are finished.
  • It will notify you of any internet updates like weather updates without you checking the internet all the time.
  • You can as well monitor network speed from anywhere


  • It is a cool technology for business people who work from home. You can take off some time from your computer and do some house work, but you will still get notifications of any important updates online or on your computer.
  • Also technicians who operate multiple servers, you will need this BLINK (1) technology, because it will notify you of any activity on each server.

Learn more about BLINK (1) here


  1. 9.    Heatit

If you have some projects which require high current, then try out this Heatit. You can use Heatit to work on projects that need high voltage to be activated; this can include resistive heating, stepper motors, and much more.

So what can you do with this Heatit technology?

  • You can use it to activate muscle wires without overheating them.
  • Use it to drive solenoids
  • Use it to drive stepper motors
  • Use it to build warm plates or incubators

Who needs top use Heatit?

Not every business deals with heating objects, but people who deal with heat and manufacturing of products will find this Heatit technology very useful.

Learn more about Heatit technology here


  1. 10.                        iPower Everywhere

You don’t have to be worried of going out of power when you’re in the field. This iPower Everywhere device will supply power to all portable electronic devices during work or during an emergency. You can easily connect your laptop or mobile phone to this iPower device using a USB. It has a huge 2800mah internal battery which stores enough electricity for later use.

The device is light and easy to carry, it is size is no bigger than a kindle, so it can fit in your purse.

Learn more about iPower Everywhere here

  1. 11.                      MUSE:

Technology is made to simplify the way we do things, now, thie MUSE , is a brain-sensing headband that lets you control things with your mind. So it is a great tool for seeing your brain in action.

So as a business person, how important is this MUSE device?

You can use it to boost brain creativity. Sharpen your brain after work and stay motivated all the time , the more you exercise your brain, the more creative you will become.

Use this MUSE device to exercise your brain, build healthy brain habits such as improving on your memory, reducing anxiety, building a positive attitude and much more.

Learn about Muse technology here

  1. 12.                      Qii – rollable smartphone keyboard:

Think of working from anywhere; try out this rollable Smartphone keyboard. It makes typing on a Smartphone easy. It is rollable, so it can fit well in your purse. Lots of rollable keyboards can’t fit in your pocket, but  one is cool and easy to use.

This Qii smartphone keyboard comes with an anti fingerprint coating which keeps the keyboard clean and water resistant.

Learn more here


  1. 13.                      Up Mouse

Don’t get stuck at work because you have arm or wrist pain. Simply use this Up Mouse to help you click. This mouse uses different muscles and tendons to click a mouse and this leaves the injured muscles free from pressure.

Get this Up Mouse from here

  1. 14.                        NIMBUS

You can now access your files stored on CloudApp as first as it would be on your harddrive. Nimbus is supported by FUSE technology to help you access and manage your files on CloudApp.

However, this device will work for you if you’re using CloudApp. It is main purpose is to help you organize and access your files easier than it is on the  website.

Learn more here


  1. 15.                     intelliPaper USB Drive

I guess every one owns a USB drive, but this intelliPaper USB Drive is very unique. It is a disposable USB made out of paper. You can displace it after use. You can use it to transfer business files, after backing them up on a cloud storage device; you can go ahead and destroy the flash drive. Since it is affordable to buy, this could be a safe way of transferring business data; because no copies will be left once the data is uploaded on a remote cloud server.

Learn more about intelliPaper USB Drive here:

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