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The best i7 Desktop Computers

With the emergence of sleek, slim laptops, many people quit using desktop PCs. However, don’t stop using your desktop PC just yet, the new i7 desktop computers are to die for with their stunning features and affordable prices. Let’s take a quick look at the top 3 i7 desktop computers and their features.

Dell Inspiron 23 Series

Packed with loads of features, Dell Inspiron 23 (2350) is tough competition to other desktop PCs. It is an all in one touch screen PC


You can find various applications preloaded into this desktop PC. The most important feature revolving around any desktop PC is speed and this PC is definitely very fast. You can adjust the screen height and it also offers tilt adjustment. In addition, it comes with stunning 3D graphics and a good 12 GB memory. The display is amazing.  Since it is less than a half inch, it boast the title of world’s slimmest new desktop computer.


Can’t point on many disadvantages here, but the only problem is the speaker as the volume of the speakers are very low.


Dell Inspiron 23 (2350) is definitely worth a shot as it is comes packed with many features. It is affordable and the height adjustment is an added bonus as you can work on the PC in any position you want.Great for general and intense home use.



HP Eliteone 800

HP eliteone 800 is a beautiful desktop PC that will fulfill most of your needs. It is very fast and priced at $2173, it is loaded with stunning features.


It has an excellent quad-core-processor. In addition, it is user friendly and allows upgrades. Graphics are great and it also comes with an option to downgrade to Win 7. It has six USB ports. With a 10 point-touch-screen, the screen is fantastic and adjustable. Loaded with an NFC reader, this desktop is going to impress you, by the way it is also wall mountable.


Priced at $2173, many users find it expensive.( Price has been reduced since)


You can definitely try the all-new HP Eliteone 800 simply because of its excellent quad core processor. Though it is a little expensive, its features stand out apart from the other new desktops computers.



Lenovo Erazer X700


The brand new Lenovo Erazer X700 is bold and elegant. Armed with powerful features and a great design, this desktop PC is definitely tough competition to other new i7 desktops PCs. It is designed for people who love gaming.


With an internal liquid-cooling system, this i7 desktop’s performance is fast. It is known as the ultimate gaming machine as it is rock-sturdy and durable. It works with the One-key-overclocking technology that optimizes the desktop performance. With a multi-display system, the display is excellent.


The GPU of the system is average and though some users love the design and interface, some users find it a little gaudy.


It is simply the best i7 desktop computer you could find if you love gaming. The internal liquid-coolant technology helps your PC performance coupled with the One-key-overclocking system. It is affordable and definitely worth the price.

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