Top 3 productivity Apps for Androids

These days, mobile devices are not just about having voice communications. Powerful productivity tools have been integrated in today’s mobile device, which makes it just like a personal computer of the user.

You can now transform your interesting gadget into an indispensable assistant by installing a lot of productivity tools in it. This article discusses the top 3 applications which can enhance the productivity of your android device and take it to the next level of efficacy. Give a quick read to the following top 3 productivity Android applications!


1.      Google Drive:

Google Drive is the best productivity application because it offers valuable cloud storage of all kinds of data. You can easily store all kinds of files, images and notes in Google Drive and can get a quick access to these valuable files from anywhere. These files, once synchronized are easily accessible from any computer all over the world because of their storage in the cloud.

The built-in scan feature of this android app enhances its productivity to a great extent. All you need to do is to tap a button and it will capture the image of the file and will extract the text from it. This text will be made searchable for you in the future. This productivity app comes up with 15 GB storage, which makes it capable of making a place in the top list of all the android productivity apps.


2.      Sliding Explorer:

With the innovation of Sliding explorer, Android app developers have made it easy for you to use your Smartphone just like you use your computer. With this application in your mobile device, it will become easier for you navigate through your folders, delete, and move and share your files right according to your needs and requirements.

This android application offers greater productivity by providing modern sort of user interface. It helps you out in easy manipulation of your files and folders. You can zip, unzip, share and move all of your files and folders in your mobile device with the help of this surprisingly amazing Android productivity application.  It integrates the features of email and cloud storage too. The enhanced features and updates of this exceptional application have helped this application in making its name among the top productivity android apps.


3.      PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro:

With this top rated Android application in your Smartphone, you are able to get a quick access to your PC direct through your mobile device. You can create a remote connection with its Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), FIPS, NLA and Android client support. This productivity app offers full VNC control and renders VMware view compatibility too.

All you need to do is to install this application in your Smartphone and then install the desktop software in your Windows. Sign up at both ends, and you will be able to get a quick access. This application works with Wi-Fi and mobile data connection too. You can download it from play stores at the cost of just $15.


Check out Team Viewer for Desktop Remote Control






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