The Ultimate List: Trendy Web Design Inspirations for 2017

Almost yearly, the web design industry undergoes an evolution cycle to remain inspiring and keep addressing the rising needs. What was considered trendy two years ago may no longer be popular. In 2017, there is a set of design innovations that will definitely give your website a deserving facelift. Let’s take a look.

Virtual Reality and 360-degree videos

In the past year, the gadget world was saturated with virtual reality news. The trend is yet to make a significant impact in the web design industry. When it hits, it will be hard. For someone who is yet to understand how this will be incorporated in web design, a glance at the breath-taking Peugeot 208’s promo campaign will give you an idea. Other notable brands including PlayStation, HTC, Microsoft, and Google Daydream have already picked up the trend. It is only a matter of time before we see this trend being embraced in the web design space. I can bet that 2017 will be a perfect time for that.

High-Quality Photography

Many people choose to ignore crappy photos on websites. Several authentic photo sites are surfacing online and very soon, stock photography in web design will be as good as dead. As one might want to put it, we are going back to the 90s when web design was all about photography. Unless you have plans of outsourcing authentic and amazing photos for your website, you will be left out. You don’t want to be there when that happens.

Responsive Web Design

It was there in the previous year, you might argue that way. Well, responsive web design is here to stay. In the mobile society we are living in, it is a necessity. Your users might not understand everything to do with responsive web design. However, they will definitely turn elsewhere for answers or a better viewing experience. For website owners, your ultimate goal should be to ensure that your website has the perfect look regardless of the device on which it is viewed. You can find responsive web design inspirations from various sources across the web. Simply take a look and do your comparison. Yes, Useoftechnology is responsive, one down!

Micro-Interactions are here

The main reason behind modern web design is to keep users engaged and have them spend more time on your site; as long as possible. Interaction design has a role to play here. Micro-interaction is an interaction within an interaction. It is the same case with Facebook launching other response options rather than just ‘like’. It gives the audience a more personalized experience. For this to work best, Las Vegas Web Design Co experts recommend that it remain simple. You can also consider the recent case of Apple’s Force Touch. For websites with micro-interactions that improve the general experience of visitors, the future couldn’t be any brighter.

The secret to enhancing the online presence of your business is having a great website. It becomes better when you are able to keep up with the latest trends. 2017 provides you with yet another opportunity to exploit that; do not be left behind. 

We at got some work to do!!

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