Top Reasons Why Freelance Designers Should Use Invoicing Tool

Freelance designers and web hosting providers tend to juggle lots of clients. Billing them all can be a big headache without the use of invoicing tools that are customized to their needs. Below is a more detailed explanation why you should use these helpful tools in your business.

Automation makes things simpler.

If you are serving several clients at the same time, accuracy in billing is very important. You will be more prone to error if you are billing clients manually. Automation also makes it easier to track which clients have paid their invoices and which ones require payment follow up.

It saves time.

How much does it take you to create an invoice for one client? What if you have five clients to create invoices for? And how do you go about recurring payments? Sending invoices for a multiple number of clients for multiple projects and on a recurring basis becomes a whole lot faster and easier with an invoicing tool in place. Investing in one good application will save you a lot of time. Just imagine all the things that you can do instead.

Most of them are customizable.

If the only concern you have with using automated invoicing tools is the different intricacies associated with your freelance business, you shouldn’t be too concerned about them at all. Most of the invoicing tools available today are fully customizable. That means all its fields and the computations therein can be changed to match your specific needs.

They make billing in different currency possible.

It is not rare for freelance designers to have clients all over the world. Some clients prefer to pay in their own currency. Others would rather make payments in US dollars. All of these won’t be an issue with a good invoicing tool. Even that tedious task of converting currencies to your own won’t be a problem. You can delegate all these tasks without hassle.

Additional fees can easily be charged.

Do you and your customer have an agreement about late charges? Doing this is very simple with an invoicing tool. Simply add the additional charges that you want in the tool’s programming, and it will add all of it after all guidelines are met. Your clients will be happy with the detailed, transparent billing that they are receiving from you.

Most are cloud-technology capable.

Cloud technology is so big these days, and invoicing is one of the many applications that benefit from it most. Imagine yourself billing your clients while on the train using just your smartphone. The convenience that this setup brings allows you to manage your finances without having to be in your office. They will surely stick with you for years.

They can be linked to your financial account.

Online invoicing tools are so advanced you can choose to have your client’s payments kept in one place. Regardless if your client is paying through credit card, PayPal, e-check, or other modes of payment, you can set up the tool in such a way that everything will be deposited to your bank account on the specific day or time that you have set.

Following the standards is easier.

Are you too frustrated with how financial laws change greatly? If you are not updated with the recent changes, you can have problems with the law. With invoicing tools, you don’t have to worry about any of these at all. Your billing is automatically updated to follow the latest standards, without doing anything on your part. Or if you must adhere to something new, the invoicing tool will inform you of any new compliance required. That way, you can take care of all the details immediately.

Easily tie your financial reports to your invoices.

Manage your finances easily with the help of the invoicing tools that are readily available online. Paying your taxes, managing your cash flow, and preparing the payroll of your employees, if you have some, can all be done accurately through the system.

Some invoicing tools are offered for free.

There are invoicing tools offered online that are free of charge. Just download them and use them as designed. There is no doubt how these tools could speed up the process of billing your customers and making your job a whole lot simpler.

These are the advantages of using an invoicing tool for your freelancing business. Whether you’re a web designer or a web host provider, these tools could cut the time and the take away the hassles of billing your customer.

Some of the best invoicing tools that you can use are:

  • Hiveage – Their packages start at $15 a month, although the software is free to try for 14 days. This invoicing tool also comes with a tracker feature, so it is easier for you to see how much time you have spent working on a project. The tracker can also be used with your employees, so you can easily pay them.
  • Wave – This invoicing tool is free for use. Account set up takes just one minute. It becomes easier to issue payment reminders, send receipts, and accept payments. But because the software is free for use, the company collects a small percentage of your earnings.
  • Freshbooks – Managing bookkeeping tasks is easier with this software. Aside from the usual invoicing, managing of expenses, and sending payment reminders, you can also easily review your financial reports within the system. This invoicing tool is free to use for the first 30 days.
  • Quickbooks – Developed by Intuit, this software helps in creating invoices and collecting payments. It is one of the most popular invoicing tools for freelancers and online businesses. This is the most popular tool for web hosting providers as well. Quickbooks normally charges $10 a month. But if you’re a first-time user, you will be charged for only $5 a month.

Get your choice of online invoicing tools from these four recommended applications. Your experience dealing with clients will be whole lot smoother and professional with them in place.

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