New Technology For Education And Its Use

Educational technology aims at improving the performance of students through using appropriated technological tools. These tools can include hardware, software and internet applications. All these tools can prove helpful in advancing student learning. It is very important to use technology in education because it simplifies the work of teachers and it also makes learning interesting on the side of students. Educational technology has its own benefits and challenges.  This new technology is also helping students and teachers learn beyond the normal classroom. Teachers use technology to engage with students in a more personal manner. Teachers can assign work to students and track students’ participation using new technologies like

Despite the benefits that come with the integration of educational technology in the classroom, their some challenges like costs , which prevent some schools and students from using these educational technologies. Below I have listed some new technologies for education and how they‘re used by both students and teachers.  Remember, with time this educational technology will change some of the examples in this articles might not work tomorrow.

New Technology for Education:

1. THE BenQ  MW860USTi  – This is a creative interactive teaching projector for a medium-sized classroom. Teachers can easily create interactive learning environment using the new projector.  It is built with PointDraw interactive projection technology. It features the latest PointDraw Pen 2.0 which supports faster response. It also comes with newly designed 2.0 interactive software which supports dual pen control.  This new technology allows teachers set up their lessons without any hassles. It comes with the following accessories: Wireless Dongle , Spare Lamp Kit , PD pen 2.0 , Carry Bag

New Technology For Education-


Its PointDraw Pen 2.0 has a much faster response time and the projector can support classroom interaction from up to 30feet.

Get details of this new technology here

2. Ipads have also evolved as essential educational technologies. Students can use these iPads to learn from any where. It’s portability makes it easy to learn from anywhere. In classrooms, students use ipads in discussions so that they get real-time information. Unlike desktop computers which consume space, this ipad can easily be carried in the bag. A student can decide to store their books on the drive of this ipad in form of e-books so they don’t have to go through the hassle of moving with so many text books to school.  Educational applications have been developed

3. SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard  : This interactive whiteboard will help teachers explain subjects in a visual form and makes learning interesting. This new whiteboard will give a teacher more control of their classroom. It has a large, touch-enabled surface which allows a teacher to write in digital ink using their fingers or a pen.  It allows the teacher to use its applications to save notes which can be or reference at a latter stage. This 600i white board comes with a SMART Notebook and collaborative learning software, which can help a teacher to create and deliver high impact lessons to their students. It is an electronic whiteboard, so it starts with a switch, which means, you start with teaching right away.

Get more details about this advanced Smart Whiteboard here

 5. Professors and Teachers can use the Piazza technology to set and answer questions, manage course materials and truck student participation. Piazza will save you time as a teacher and also students can create or join a class via Piazza. Since Piazza is accessible online, students can use gadgets like iPads or portable laptops to interact with their peers academically via this network.


If you’re a student or teacher, you can register with Piazza here


6. Drop Box – This is a cloud server enabled storage technology which can be used by students and teachers to store important documents and electronic books. So you will not have to worry about securing your academic data, simply open up a free account on and upload all your electronic books and notes. You can create specific folders for each package so that it becomes easy for you to trace your work any time. Drop Box can be accessed both on computers and mobile phones through a mobile app. This makes it easy to move with electronic files.

To use this service , you can register for free and download their mobile app. Visit

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