Technology In The Workplace – 6 Companies Changing Our Workplace

New Workplace technologies have changed the way we work and these technologies have also increased on the production of individuals at the workplace. Unlike in the past, when work used to be boring because an employee was bound to do the same thing over and over, today, technology has made workplaces more fan, this inspires employees and it also increases on their out put. Many companies and organizations have gone digital, secretaries can now do more in a little time. Companies like Dell or Dropbox , have made file transfer and sharing at the work place so easy and this helps in the movement of information across an organization. Below I have listed top 6 companies that have changed the way we work.

(1). Fancy Hands:

Think about the stress you get for having to do more than one task in a day, you have to write a project report, you have to meet new clients; you have to monitor performance of other employees under you and so many other tasks. It is very difficult to accomplish most of our goals, so here comes a company which gives you a fancy hand, and they perform some simple tasks for you. They have a well trained team which can perform specific assignments. Some of the tasks you can assign Fancy Hands team can be personal or work related. On their website, they feature top assignments sent by regular users of their services.

See this example ” I’m looking to get some Mirror Pond Beer, but they don’t sell it here in NYC. Can you find a place that will ship it to me? ” .

When it comes to charges, this company is fair. Just look at the figure below: For details go to


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(2). 37signals makes collaboration productive and enjoyable for employees and small business on a daily basis. 37 Signals has various tools which can simplify the way we do our work. For example (1) Basecamp is a project management tool which can manage all your projects and also enable you collaborate with your workmates in real-time. No need to use electronic mail to manage projects. (2) Highrise will remember all important things about people you can easily forget. As a business owner or manager, you will meet many important people, but you will not be in position to remember their contacts and names, so with this tool, you can manage over 2,000,000 contacts. (3) Campfire will help active teams share data and projects in real time. This can be done inform of videos, ideas, images, code sample chats or documents. Learn more here

(3). provides workers with unlimited storage cloud services and also enables them to share information outside the  workplace. This simple online collaboration services makes work flexible. Box offers a secure, scalable content sharing platform which is user friendly to both technical people and simple tech adopters. With Box’s technology, users can store all their content online; they can access, manage and share it from anywhere. Box can also be integrated with Google Apps, Salesforce and it can also be accessed on mobile phones. When it comes to keeping your content safe, Box has a high end security technology which will ensure your data is safe. See Details at

(4). SYPartners is a big consultancy firm which has tools that enable small and big business reach their potential. SYPartners tools like ”Teamworks” will help teams at work perform their tasks on time and accurately. Learn more on

(5). Wework Labs is a great service for young startups which can not afford big offices. Bootstrapping and reduced business costs are necessary when starting a tech based business. So at Weworks, small startups can have office space for as low as $250 a month. In the beginning, the company was created to help New York based tech startups get affordable office space, but now they have expanded to San Francisco. As of now Weworks Labs accommodate 300 members. A community of tech companies and workers is created to boost productivity. They have the following facilities

* Super fast internet and wifi
* Support from their partners
* Free access to all of Weworks events and investor office hours
* Coffee, beer and other goodies

This sounds like a good environment for any small tech startup. See Details

(6). oDesk has helped many small businesses contract skilled people at a lower cost. Their so many freelancer recruiting online companies, but ODesk is the best, because it has the best professional and work is delivered on time. So as a small business, you don’t have to worry about hiring a full time tech expert, simply post tasks on oDesk and set your price per task. See details


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This is a summarized list of technology companies which have changed the way we work, of course I have left of some big boys like Facebook, Twitter, Skype , Microsoft because they sound obvious, in this list i have decided to centralize on some un-known tech companies impacting the way we work. You can build on this list basing on which technological company has made your life easier at work.

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