Technology is evolving, and many vehicle manufacturers are looking at how future cars could be designed in cooperation with technology to make driving both safer and friendlier on the environment. At this point in time it’s hard to say when future cars will make it to the road for the public to use, and what exactly these cars will be capable of.

Vision of a car

However, one thing that is definitely clear at this time is that in the future, new technology could completely change up the rules for personal & public transportation. Let’s take a look at what future cars manufacturers and technology giants are working on getting on the roads in the near future.

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A Step into the Future with Self Driving Cars

Probably one of the most interesting developments in vehicle technology over the last few years is the introduction of what has been dubbed a self-driving car. As the name suggests, a self-driving car is a vehicle that could be driven automatically thanks to recent innovations in technology.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself with your own driverless car anytime soon, however Google is at the forefront of the driverless car craze, and many other vehicle manufacturers are now also looking for ways to bring self-driving cars to the world.

google self driving car


As videos have shown, Google has made quite a lot of progress with their own auto car project, although there is still a lot of progress to be made before such a technology is deemed safe for the roads amongst other traffic.

Once the technology has been refined, a self-driving car could actually be a whole lot safer than human controlled vehicles as the chance of human error is completely removed.

smoking car

Cars to Save the Environment

It’s pretty common knowledge at this point that vehicle emissions are not healthy on the environment; however fuel emissions are just the start of our current transportation problem. On top of the fuel we churn out each and every day, the average car is noisy, and it is using a non-renewable fuel.

If we keep this up, we’re only digging our own grave, and it won’t be long before our current transportation options are ruled out due to a lack of fuel.

One of the most promising ways to combat this is in the form of an electric car. Electric cars use electric to run, and are wholly more energy efficient than standard gas guzzling vehicles. Electric vehicles are also significantly quieter than the standard vehicle, and whilst electric cars are already available, a wide scale rollout could really help solve some of our current environmental problems.

 Tesla-Model-S-2-electric car

Electric cars can be cool too – Over the years, a lot of manufacturers have made some pretty impressive electric powered vehicles, so if you’re a car enthusiast, don’t fret over an electric takeover, because you’ll still be available to find a pretty nice electric sports car, among many other types of rides.

The automotive industry is definitely changing, and the way we use our vehicles could be completely changed within the next 5 to 10 years, and for the most part, it can only be for the better.

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