Is it Worth Getting an iPhone Upgrade?

Every year, a new iPhone is released – it has better hardware, a slimmer form factor, and often a new software update to go along with it. But because of the frequency of new model releases, and the high prices that accompany them, it can be a hard to know whether getting the newest iphone, or just an upgrade in general, is actually worth it. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth getting an iPhone upgrade, there are a few things to take into consideration, and they are usually things that most shoppers may not think about before making a purchase.


Is My iPhone Outdated?

Your current iPhone is outdated- At least that’s what the guy or girl waiting in line for the launch of the next Apple product will tell you, but don’t listen to them, and don’t cave into peer pressure just because all of your friends have the newest best thing either.

However, your iPhone may actually be outdated, and this may be a good reason to consider getting an iPhone upgrade. If your iPhone is so old it starts lagging on menus, and deals with the occasional hiccups and freezes, then there’s definitely a good reason to get a new one. But even then, you don’t have to get the newest.

Instead, you could save money and go for the iPhone 5C, or the iPhone 4S instead – both of these are very capable smartphones, even if they are slightly less powerful than the newest iPhone release.

iphone 5s

Why Should I Get the Newest iPhone?

If you’re unsure about the benefits of getting the latest iPhone instead of an older or cheaper iPhone , you first need to look at what features the most recent iPhone has over the other models.

If you like playing HD games, watching movies and viewing media on your device, you may want to cash out for the newest iPhone because older models may struggle when playing the newest games, and the screen quality on the most recent iPhone will far out-surpass any other iPhone upgrade you may consider buying.


Apple Iphones new prices

If you just use your iPhone for browsing the internet, sending texts, calling friends and watching the occasional video or playing the occasional game, then an older model would certainly be suffice. Going below the 4S is definitely not recommended though as the OS has changed significantly since then and older iPhone models simply cannot handle the strain as well as newer models can.

Hopefully this article has pointed out the benefits for getting an iPhone upgrade, and helped you to decide whether going for the newest iPhone or an older model would be the best option for you. If you’re not great for money, there’s no need to fork out for the most expensive phone available unless you really, really need the extra hardware performance it will give you.

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