Five Useful Windows 10 Apps

Smartphones and tablets have long ceased to be the domain of such giants as iOS and Android. It was a matter of time when Windows 10 would be adapted to handheld devices. Now there is just an incredible number of gadgets on Windows 10. However, sometimes there is a problem with finding high-quality software for them, given that the specifications are lower. We have prepared a list of undemanding applications for Windows 10, which will be useful for single women who use both PCs and tablets.

  1. Nextpad

Nextpad is an easy-to-use text editor that works with most common formats. This program is intended only for tablets or phones with Windows 10, as it is designed for use on touch screens. In addition to the usual file editing, you can use voice input of information, reproduction of typed text, the option “sharing content” (transferring text or the entire document to another application). In the settings, you can optionally change the design.

  1. GIMP

When it comes to processing photos, Photoshop immediately comes to mind. Yes, its functionality is huge, but it is too big, bulky, demanding of the hardware. And you still have to pay for it. So, GIMP will come to the rescue. The program will work even on a weak tablet. However, you need constant access to the Internet. GIMP supports all popular image formats (including PDF and PSD), has a lot of tools for processing, working with layers, animated files and much more. The multi-window interface is somewhat unusual, but your girlfriend will get used to it in half an hour.

  1. LibreOffice

Most ordinary users are used to Microsoft Office when working with various documents (presentations, text files, spreadsheets, etc.). Undoubtedly, this is a very good product, but not everything is so simple with it. Office package by Microsoft is paid, and it requires a lot of space for its components. Using an unlicensed version, you need to watch the “cracks,” and if they stop working, then you need to look for new ones. There is a great alternative: LibreOffice. This is free software that supports common document formats. It combines several components (text module, editors for formulas and drawings, DBMS, module for creating and editing presentations), which will help solve almost all the necessary tasks for the user.

  1. FluentFileExplorer

A simple but externally cute file manager that allows embedded tools to open popular archives, documents in PDF and Microsoft Office formats. FluentFileExplorer also allows you to synchronize with virtual storage such as OneDrive, Box, and others. The design of the file manager can be customized to your liking. Here, in addition to the many built-in themes, you can create new ones, change transparency and so on.

  1. Realarm

Windows 10 has a built-in “Alarm and Clock,” which doesn’t meet the needs of all the users. Realarm has a lot of customization tools and can come in handy if necessary. In the application, you can rename the set alarm signals, set the exact and approximate time for the alarm to start, set alarms for the desired dates and so on. A dormouse will have to wake up: to turn off the signal, they will need to solve a miniature puzzle. A list of all set signals is displayed in the main window and the calendar. You can set alarms with two tools: advanced or fast. When using the first one, you specify the date, time, frequency, names, etc., and when using the quick creation function, only the response time is required. A day after playing, the alarm clock will go off by itself. So, in a couple of months, you will have a mess in the main window of the program. The program is free, but internal extensions are paid.

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