FitBit Charge Wristband is a Smart and Savvy Fitness Tracker

FitBit has rolled out a range of new health and fitness wearable including the latest FitBit Charge and FitBit Flex. Both devices aren’t really upgraded, but they were well-accomplish wristbands long before the competition gained consciously. Today we will be focusing on The FitBit Charge, so let’s check out its features.

FitBit Charge Hardware Features

  • OLED display to show statistics of the collect activity data along with ‘Exercise Mode’ and extra functions like date & time.
  • Boasting a lithium-polymer battery, a single “charge” (takes 2-3 hours) gives you a run of 7-10 days which mocks its smart size.
  • It also works inside the realm of dreams. Auto sleep and alarm options make sure you are rest is taken care.
  • The wearable health device is waterproof but to a limit. It can resist rain, sweat, splashes but you can’t wear it and go swimming.
  • The bands are made from a very durable elastomer which is a premium material used in bands of high-end watches, while the clasps are made up of stainless steel.
  • Available in many colors and sizes to fit individual taste.
  • Large enough to accommodate a week’s motion data, while up to a month’s daily totals can be stored.

In short FitBit Charge wristband is a multifunctional fitness tracker that keeps your health in check without letting you lose a byte on your style statement. We haven’t even dived to more advanced features like… just read it in the software section below.

FitBit Charge WristBand

FitBit Charge Software Features

  • FitBit Charge is a 24/7 non-stop health monitor that continuously tracks your how much you have walked, how much distance you have covered, how many calories you have burned. It also tells how many floors you have climbed
  • Wirelessly connects to your smartphones where you can see the stats of your activities. More, the Charge also shows caller ID and call notifications. To sync it with your smartphone, it must be at least within a 20m radius.
  • You can log workout to see how much exercise you are doing and get a daily, weekly, and monthly insight on it. In short, know how much calories you burn.
  • Likewise, you can also log using its integrated barcode scanner. The fitness tracker comes with calories estimator and an extensive food database. In short, know how much calories you take.
  • Just like Google Play Games, FitBit has added an interesting reward system to keep the health band users motivated. You can earn badges and feel a little more accomplished or even shot it to your friends.
  • Showing badges to your friends isn’t the only way to health-compete against you friends. Again, just like Play Games, there is a leaderboard as well, so you are literally comparing your health and your progress with others.
  • It can be synced to iOS, Android, and Windows devices.


The Charge Improvements

Compared to the previous model, the 2016 FitBit Charge is slightly lightly, the screen is a little bit larger and also shows more notifications than before. Sleep tracking is also a later incorporated feature. All the health data is relayed to your smartphone screen where your fitness metrics are elegantly decorated in the form of charts and pie diagrams. The data is available both as an overview and in detail as well. If you haven’t used a fitness band before, the Charge is the sum of your general health in a nutshell. Another cool new feature is the detachable bands, which is the first example of modularity in any health gadget. 

What’s included in the package?

Your order will include sensors and components like 3-axis accelerometer, altimeter, vibration motor,

  • Display
  • OLED
  • What’s Included
  • Charging cable

So if you are thinking about buying a new or your first fitness tracker, FitBit Charge is the perfect fit for you.

Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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