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The use of technology at your workplace will change the way you work and it will also boost your morale at work. Technology simplifies the way we perform various tasks at work, it also reduces on human errors because it tends to be more accurate and perfect.

In my personal opinion, every business should integrate easy-to-use technologies to increase the productivity of their employees and also to boost their moral. Many times, employees lose interest in their jobs, simply because they get tired of doing the same thing every day. Technology will cut out this boring routine, because it is fan to use and it presents you with challenges all the time.

Today on Use of Technology, I want us to learn about new workplace technologies which can boost your morale and increase on your productivity at work. You can contribute on this list by using the commenting box below this post.

  1. 1.    iPad CF and SD Card Readers

It is designed to export images from your DSLR card to the iPad. So if you want to make a business presentation but the photos you want to use are on your DSLR card, simply import those images with this iPad CF and SD Card Reader to your iPad.  It is quite wired that iPads don’t come with a built-in card reader, but this cool gadget will help you get data from CF and SD Cards. All you have to do is to plug the card in the card reader, then plug the card reader in your iPad. You don’t have to install any software to use this device.Do more with less with this CF and SD Card reader. Learn more here……

  1. 2.    Canon Camera Lens Mugs

When it comes to boosting employees morale at work, this Canon Camera Lens Mugs will do the magic. If your business deals in photography and media, you can equip your team with this Canon Camera Lens Mug. I love the idea of mixing business with pleasure and this Canon Camera Lens Mug just makes the all process easy. Sometimes you might not want to stop taking that sweat milk shake, yet you also want to continue shooting breath taking photos. With this Canon Camera Lens Mug, you will perform more than one task at a go. It is a cool technology for personal detectives.  When it comes to pricing, you will spend only $30 for this Canon Camera Lens Mug. Learn more here……

  1. 3.     The iPhone Cable Trigger

If you want to take pictures for a project but all you have is an iPhone, don’t worry, your iPhone can be turned into a high-end digital camera. Use the iPhone Cable Trigger, a remote shutter release for iPhone; it is perfect for shooting photos without touching your phone. It looks like a simple technology but it will improve the way you shoot photos while in the field. This iPhone Cable Trigger needs no extra App to work with your smart phone, simply plug it right into the headphone jack and start shooting photos. This is a brilliant idea, learn more about this cool gadget from here……

  1. 4.     XD Design Solar Window Charger

You don’t have to worry about running out of cell phone battery while at work any more, or competing for that one single charging socket in the office. All you need is this XD Design Solar Window Charger which will trap solar energy from the sunlight on your office window and charge your phone or iPad. It is very easy to use, all you have to is to mount it on the window, it will catch the sunlight and convert it into solar energy to charge your mobile gadget. Learn more about this XD Design Solar Window Charger from here…..

  1. 5.     Wireless Desktop 2000

Almost 95% of employees and business people use computers at work.  From today, improve your typing skills and deliver more than what you always deliver with this wireless desktop keyboard and mouse. One of the most interesting features on this wireless keyboard is the ability to encrypt your data, which can help protect your personal and business data. So whatever you type with this advanced wireless keyboard is encrypted on instant. You don’t have to waste money buying data encryption software, and this keyboard will give you the freedom to type from anywhere because it is wireless. It is safe, comfortable and convenient. Learn more about this Wireless Desktop 2000 from here…..

  1. 6.    Camera USB Drive

This is a camera shaped USB drive which will enable you move with your photos or transfer them to your computer with no hassle. It has 4GB of storage space just like a real DSLR card, so you don’t need a card reader to transfer photos to your computer. No need for carrying bulky external harddrives with photos, its lens is a USB stick which makes it easy to use. So far this is the best technology for transferring and delivering photos, Learn more about this Camera USB Drive from here……

  1. 7.     Lenovo C325 and C225 All-in-One PCs

Desktop computers are here to stay, no-matter how computer technology advances, business owners will always prefer desktop computers to handle high end business tasks. Tablets have managed to change the way we do most business activities like video conferencing, but they have failed to replace desktop computers. This Lenovo C325 and C225 All-in-One PCs is a powerful computer which will perform high end tasks with ease. It is powered by an AMD Fusion E450 1.65GHz processor with 8GB of RAM, 1TB of HDD. All-in-one-PCs are the feature of desktop computers; they consume less space and use less power. Learn more about this Lenovo C325 and C225 All-in-One PCs from here……(its gone now sorry)

  1. 8.    Self Stirring Mug

Boost your morale at work with this Self Stirring Mug. I know we all take tea or coffee while at work, but this Mug, will add some fan, it will save you the time of stirring that coffee or tea, it has a battery-powered impeller at the bottom of the cup which will spin your cup of tea or coffee rapidly to swirl the liquid at the bottom. All you have to do is to press the button on the handle then you will see the magic in your cup. Lazy tea drinkers, this mug should be at your office. Learn more about this Self Stirring Mug from here…..

  1. 9.    PlugBug

This PlugBug is a wall charger which will allow you to charge your mobile gadgets at once. It is designed exclusively for mackbooks, iPads, iPhones and other mobile technologies. You can easily plugin your USB cable in this PlugBug and start charging your mobile device. It is slim in size, so you can move with it anywhere. It is remarkably easy to use and it has an elegant design. It will simplify your work experience in a way you have never imagined. Learn more about this PlugBug from here…….

  1. 10.                      Quack Tape Dispenser

If it looks like a duck, behaves like a duck and quacks like a duck, does it mean that it is a duck? Probably yes, but this is a Quack Tape Dispenser which is shaped like a duck. It is one of the best way to manage the usage of tape an work, it looks very cute, you can put it on your office desk. Learn more about this Wooden tape dispenser shaped like a duck from here..

  1. 11.                      Resonant Decor

Sound has a great effect on your brain while at work, if the sound is organized, your brain will relax and deliver more. Some sounds create a vivid emotion and imagery, this Resonant Decor will capture the waves of those sounds on a canvas using brilliant colors of your choice. This technology will increase the morale of your employees and it will also add value to your workplace environment. You can upload your own audio. Listen to those sounds which bring back old good memories as you work.

  1. 12.                        The Magic Charger

Why use batteries to charge your wireless mouse, save both money and the planet with this Magic Charger. To charge it, plug the Magic Charger into a USB port on your Macbook and it will start charging your Apple MAGIC mouse wirelessly. It is both easy and fun to use.

 13.                     Wacom Inkling

This is a great tool for designers and artists. Since most designs start with a pen and paper, the Wacom Inkling ball pen will help you draw sketches on paper and it will record all strokes electronically, so you don’t have to scan your drawing to the computer.  The saved strokes can be imported on a computer for further editing. This Wacom Inkling will enable you start every sketch in a traditional way. Designers, you can enhance your workflow by capturing digital data while sketching with a ball-pen on any normal paper.

  1. 14.                      Klipsch Mode M40 Noise Canceling Headphones

Do you enjoy listening to cool music while at work,  if yes ,  you need  to use the best noise canceling headphones. These headphones will give you the best sound by blocking distractive noise around you. If your workplace is located in a busy noisy place, you will need these Klipsch Mode M40 Noise Canceling Headphones to stay focused on your project. Programmers and designers will find these head phones very useful.  Learn more about these cool headphones from here…..

  1. 15.                      MiLi Pico Projector II

MiLi Pico Projector II is simplifying the way we make presentations in business meetings. Since smart phones can be used to take pictures and record videos, you can now use them to as presentation tools at work. All you need is this digital multimedia Pico Projector. It comes with a hands-free stand which makes it easy to use. MiLi Pico Projector 2 is compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod and iPad. Learn more about this portable projector from here…..

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