7 Business Technology Trends Coming To Your Workplace

Businesses and organization can experience significant benefits if they use technology to complete specific tasks. Technology can be a catalyst for business innovation, if planned and used well, a business will grow and expand very fast. Every business has its own need for technology, and it is always good for business owners or managers to know which technology is required in to run their businesses and they also have to know how to apply that technology. Many times, business owners hire technical people to manage and run business technologies in their companies, but the mistake they make, is that for them, they ignore learning how this technology works and how it can be used to improve business performance.

So you will find that, some companies have expensive business technologies and they also have the best technical people to run them, but they have no position in the market. So as a small business owner, you must always know how to use specific business technologies to achieve your business goals. Below I have listed some of the 8 best business technologies that might be of benefit to your company.



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  1. 1.     Scandock

This is a post-PC scanner which will improve the way you scan files from your Smartphone. With this Scandock technology you can scan files with a PC. Scandock will automatically turn your Smartphone into an upgraded scanner. So if your work involves too much scanning, you better save time by using this Scandock gadget.



So how does the Scandock work?

Simply put phone in the dock and the light will turn on automatically. When the lights turn on, open the app , capture the file you want to scan, the job will be done.

This technology will make your phone the best scanner, and the best thing about scandock is that all your scans will go with you on your Smartphone, so you can easily email them, create a PDF , upload, or Air Print right from your Smartphone.

Buy Scandock here:


  1. 2.     L8 Smartlight

Here comes a soundless speaker for your phone or computer. This L8 Smart light will automatically connect to your Smartphone or PC via Bluetooth to display whatever happens on the internet and in your real life.

So what is the main benefit of this technology in your business life?

This amazing technology will silently notify you on just about anything that happens online, it makes getting email alerts, social alerts a lot easier and fun. Since this L8 Smartlight does all the checking and notification, you will have more time to do essential business tasks. It is basically a notification system

Get L8 Smartlight here:


  1. 3.     The PowePot

Great concept developed by David Toledo. Powerpot is a power source which turns heat from cooking directly into electricity without any moving part. So if you have always wanted to have an alternative power source in your small business, this technology has just solved that puzzle. The Powerpot is portable so you can go with it anywhere. Now you might ask me, why not use solar instead of this Powerpot? The answer is simple; the powerpot works day and night, rain or shine to supply you with electricity.

You can use Powerpot to generate electricity for lighting or charging cell phones, it comes with connectors which you can use to charge your devices or connect lights.

Buy PowerPot here:

  1. 4.     mPrinter

It is easy and simple to use, this mPrinter is an analog printer for any small business. It is basically used to print snippets of information. mPrinter can print simple text, html, images, tables and so much more. You can also use its iOS application for iPhone, iPad, to print small snippets.

So how does this mPrinter work?

You can connect it to your PC or Phone using a USB, select a file you want to print. You can also connect it on your WIFI so that you print snippets remotely.

Buy mPrinter today for your small business here


  1. 5.     ClockTHREE Jr

This is a creative technology created by Justin Shaw, i just like the all idea of showing time inform of text. It is so amazing, and beautiful.  You look at this wall clock, it says ( IT – IS TEN – MINUTES – TO – FIVE – PM ). As a business person, i find this watch easy and fun to read, actually, you will always want to look at this wall clock to know the time because it is fun to read and look at.

ClockTREE Jr is a ”9×9” WORD CLOCK, it supports 4 languages, English, German, Dutch and French.

OMG, I’m so impressed by this word clock.

Get this Word Clock here:


  1. 6.     CrystalCore TiltDock

Imagine having a multifunctional play and work station for your smart devices in your office. It works as a charging station for your Apple devices; i can charge your iPhone, iPod, and mini iPad. So do not get stack in at work because you forgot your iPhone or tablet charger. You can also use it to keep your devices secure.

CrystalCore TiltDock comes with a Micro USB connector so that other smartphones and devices such as Samsung, Nokia, HTC , and much more can be used by the same dock.

What makes this Dock unique?

  • It gas a tilting backrest
  • It fits your phone even when your phone has a cover on it, so you don’t have to remove the cover to use this CrystalCore TiltDock.

Learn more about this Dock here:


  1. 7.     KUBI

It is time to reinvent video conferencing and take it to another advanced level. Why get stack with those static video calls. You can easily participate in a group video conference with ease by using this KUBI gadget.

What makes KUBI the best gadget when it comes to video calls?

You can remotely control KUBI using a web app, it makes video conferencing so flexible and dynamic. Any one can control the view of your tablet using the KUBI Web App, so the tablet webcam with move automatically as you communicate with your team or business partners. Experience hand free video calls and spend more time completing relevant business tasks.

See Demo on how KUBI works:

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