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Communication technology is advancing day by day. For any business to succeed, it has to use improved communication tools, communication helps in the flow of information which in return accelerates the rate of decision making in an organization or business. Virtual meetings are becoming more popular, many business owners and organizations are resorting to virtual meetings because they save time. You can use web-conferencing tools to communicate with employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. All web-conferencing tools support video chat, so both parties will see each other and this will make the communication so real and effective. Most of these virtual conferencing tools will require participants to install a web conferencing software on their devices, some can even be used on smart-phones, so you simply download a virtual meeting mobile Application and start attending meeting via your Smartphone.

Below is a list of the best 10 virtual meeting tools any one can use to improve business or organizational communication. Some of these tools are available for free, yet others will require a small monthly subscription.

  1. 1.     SKYPE:

Many professionals have found skype as the best virtual meeting technology; skype can be used by businesses, families, organizations and individuals. Skype has a free package and a paid package. For the free package, both parties have to install skype on their devices and then connect with each other via the network; calls made from skype to skype are free of charge. You can decide to turn on a video call so that you both see each other. Then the paid version, will allow a skype user to call a non skype user on mobile phone or landline. All smart devices have webcams, so you don’t have to spend extra cash on webcam. For small businesses, you can create a company group account, so that you all collaborate at the same time during the meeting, you can share screens with each other via skype.

Why is skype good?

  • Its free
  • Easy to use
  • Works on mobile phones
  • Low costs
  • Supports group video conferencing
  • Comes in different languages

Get skype here:


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  1. 2.       Watchitoo:

Unlike Skype, Watchitoo is a web based video conferencing tool, you don’t need to download or install any software. Simply login and start inviting your team members to join you. Its collaboration tools will enable you chat live with each other in video format, you will also be in position to share screens, text chat each other. If you want to make a copy of the meeting, you easily record the all video chat session. Also Watchitoo has both free and paid packages. The free version will support only 5 users, the paid version supports 25 users at $39 per month, 50 users package will go for $49 per month. So if you own a small business of only 5 people, then you will benefit from the free package. Medium sized business with over 25 – 50 employees can opt for the premium package.

Why is Watchitoo good?

  • Has a free trial version for 30 days
  • No installations requires
  • Easy to use
  • Can record all video chat sessions
  1. 3.    Infinite

You can meet, train and present virtually from anywhere with Infinite Conferencing tools. Infinite specializes in phone and web conferencing solutions. Infinite is a web based virtual meeting tool which requires no software installation. Simply create a free account and start inviting your team or workmates for a virtual meeting. For those who want to record video chat sessions, you will need to pay an extra $1.99 per minute. You can also carry out a survey using a polling feature, this will help your team collaborate well, but this function comes at a price, it will cost you $100.

What makes Infinite good?

  • No software installation
  • 30 days free trial
  • Supports VIOP
  • Record Session
  • Create meeting reports
  • Supports polling &  surveys

Try out Infinite here:

  1. 4.     GoToWebinar

This is an online conference tool which will allow you to perform any type of virtual meeting from anywhere. With GoToWebinar you can create your own custom account with your company logo, so your team can join via your account page. I like the idea of adding a company logo on a custom account page; it makes the all process look professional. You can easily conduct a do-it-yourself webinar with up to 1,000 people at one single flat rate, so this means you will do more with less.

When it comes to inviting your team, the application comes with an automated email templates and webinar registration pages. GoToWebinar will also allow you too record all sessions and also be in position to post-meeting reports. The price is some how fair, for 100 people you will pay $99/month, then for 1000 people you will pay $499/month.

Why is GoToWebinar good?

  • No software installation
  • Automatically creates your invitation and registration
  • People can register using your customized registration form
  • Reminder emails are automatically sent to your registrants
  • You can practice before your webinar to polish your presentation
  • Record all sessions
  • Price is fair
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Post meeting reports

Try out GoToWebinar here:

  1. 5.     Zoho Meeting:

Use ZOHO meeting to conduct web based virtual meetings from any platform. Small business owners you can use ZOHO to meet your customers online and provide them with live demos of your services or products from anywhere, this type of collaboration will improve your customer service and it will also strengthen your relationship with your customers. Say no to downloads, ZOHO MEETING is web based, just login and join a session. If you want to look professional, you can brand your meeting portal using your company logo. If you have a company website, you can integrate ZOHO MEETING with your website, so all meetings can be performed via your company website.

ZOHO MEETING supports screen sharing via desktop; it supports multiple presenters, text chat, video chat and VOIP. You can as well record all sessions. ZOHO MEETING an affordable virtual meeting tool compared to most virtual meeting services. 5 participants will pay only $12/month, 100 participants will pay only $100/month.  This is a good price for small businesses and individuals.

What makes ZOHO MEETING good?

  • No installations or downloads
  • Web based
  • It is too affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Can be integrated on your website or blog
  • You can brand your meeting platform


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