The Best Android Smartphones of 2013

Smartphones have become a necessity in today’s business-oriented world; they are useful for taking notes, recording memos and messages, transcribing notes, taking pictures, sending/receiving emails, to name a few features. This demand for smartphones has become a huge incentive for many companies to provide the best smartphones possible, which has given rise to tough competition in the smartphone industry.

Many companies have emerged as market leaders in the past decade. Nokia, HTC, LG, Apple, and Samsung all have developed excellent smartphones. But how can YOU choose which smartphone to go for? The answer is simple: focus on the operating system. Nokia is exclusively a Windows Phone, HTC, LG and Samsung are exclusively Android OS devices, and Apple uses its own iOS to operate. So, basically, you must choose between Android OS, Windows Phone, and iOS. All these operating systems are state of the art, and choosing between them is truly a matter of preference.


Why you should choose an Android smartphone for yourself?

Android was launched in 2008, and is the youngest operating system out in the market at the moment. However, it is also the most famous, with more users than Windows Phone and iOS combined. What makes Android so famous? Flexibility! Based on the Linux platform, Android provides the easiest platform for developers to build applications, which means that thousands of high quality applications are available at the Google Play store for users to improve their smartphone experience. The more apps there are, the more a smartphone can do. So with the most applications on its application store, Android has become the leading mobile operating system in 2013.

The following Android smartphones are the best that came out in 2013. Of course, as these are the latest releases, they are high-tech and carry the latest Android 4.4 KitKat operating system on them.


1: Moto X by Motorola (A Google Company)

You must remember well how Motorola died a couple of years ago, and how it was resuscitated by Google some time later in an attempt to provide Android phones on an exclusive platform. Motorola is known for providing high quality smartphones, and the only reason it faded away was because it got kicked out of the market by phones from Nokia, HTC, Samsung, and Apple. But now that Google has bought Motorola, the tables have turned, and the new Moto X is a solid example of this very fact.

Moto X is a splendid phone not because of its specifications (it is mediocre at best in that department), but because it is unique; you can customize it! What Motorola does is that it allows you to build and customize the outlook of a Moto X according to your preference on their website, and once you’ve built the phone of your dreams, you can order it and it will be delivered at your doorstep. You can customize the back casing, the front casing, internal storage, welcome message, a personalized imprint at the back, and certain features on the phone. Base specs remain the same. For example, all Moto X will have a dual-core processor, a 720p display, 10MP Clear Pixel Camera, and a 2200Mph battery life.


Nexus 5

2: Google Nexus 5

The Nexus series by Google is always awesome, because this is the platform where Android OS flexes its muscles and shows the world what it is capable of doing. Nexus 5 was the first phone to have the latest Android 4.4 KitKat OS, which means it is the most up-to-date Android phone there is. It is also very user-friendly, and works with all carriers all over the world if bought off-contract. But the most impressive feat by Google with the Nexus 5 has to be the amazing price tag; it is a very powerful phone, in line with the most expensive phones on the market, with a price tag of around $350.

Specification-wise, the Google Nexus 5 has a 2.2 GHz Quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM. The display is 1080p HD, and it is the first Nexus to have LTE support on it. Google has really improved the battery life as well with this model, compared to Nexus 4, and the camera has seen major improvements as well. All in all, at the given price, Nexus 5 is a steal.



samsung galaxy s4

3: Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is no stranger to the Android market, and is possibly the only company in the smartphone industry that has taken the most advantage of the flexibility that Android presents. Modifying Android OS versions to deliver to its customers the best smartphone experience, Samsung has become a market leader, and the Galaxy S4 is no different. It is quite possibly one of the best smartphones in the world at the moment.

Specifically, the Galaxy S4 sports a quad-core 1.9 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a super-HD AMOLED display with 441ppi, 13 MP camera with a 2MP secondary camera, 16-64GB internal storage and a slot for Micro SD card.

Samsung Note 3

4: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Note 2 was not very popular because it did not serve the purpose it was built for: accurate handwriting recognition. The Note 3, however, has broken all barriers and now provides the best handwriting recognition technology in all of the smartphone market. But this does come at the cost of a large screen display; the Note 3 is 5.7” in screen size, which means the phone is only an inch shorter than a 7” tablet. So, is the feature important enough to make the Galaxy Note 3 worth the expensive price tag? Absolutely! The handwriting recognition software is highly accurate, and the entire experience is just as if you were writing on a regular notebook. Plus, the phone incorporates air-command technology, which means you only have to move the stylus over the screen and useful commands will appear to facilitate you.

Not only this, but the Note 3 is superior to the S4 in terms of specifications as well; it sports a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, a 5.7” display for handwriting recognition, 3GB RAM, 4G LTE and 32/64 GB internal storage. Not only this, but the Note 3 also sports the 13MP rear camera and a 2MP front-view camera.

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