Up to $70 Billion went to Developers from iOS App Store

Google is quite known for not missing any opportunity to say that Android has more users than iPhone, but according to recent statistics, Apple definitely makes more money on smartphone sales.

Also, iOS has one of the richest app libraries, and they have targeted a small but still very powerful set of iOS devices in the last couple of years. The greatest difference between the two is the fact that Android is trying to make every model differently, often changing the size of the screen, they add a lot of RAM, and generally add different features that are specific to a single model, or a brand of Android.

Apple, on the other hand, constantly uses powerful hardware, and increases the levels of the app purchase. This gives their developers the peace of mind and ensures that they can make a profit and find a user base in the future as well since the new models won’t mean that their app might be old and doomed to be forgotten.

This can easily be seen in the Apple’s latest announcement, where they’ve said that their global development community has managed to earn over $70 billion since the launching of Apple Store some 9 years ago. Even Apple has admitted that their Store has some of the best and most innovative apps in the world.

Hits like Pokemon GO, Super Mario Run, and alike were huge, but they weren’t the only ones, and they were lots of another standout launches as well. Many apps from the App Store are fun, new, interesting, and possess great quality. Even Netflix admits it, and their app can currently be seen advertising the new season of House of Cards on the App Store.

There’s a popular belief that Google probably shivers when it compares iPhone and Android statistics, especially since they have way too many users with old, outdated models with barely 512MB of RAM. It’s believed that this state is the reason for the new Android Go initiative.

Apple’s Senior VP, Phil Schiller, has said that people love apps and that theirs are being downloaded in record time. He admitted that $70 is a mind-blowing number, even for a company such as Apple, and that everyone is amazed and proud.

Of course, Apple doesn’t fail to mention other impressive achievements, and so they included the release of the iOS that came out last spring. They stated that the new system allowed their users to experience new ways to connect, including the collaboration on the fashion design sketch, or using a big pool of stickers to make someone smile.

They’ve even included a new subscription business model that can be found in the App Store, and that the paid subscriptions went up by 58% over the years. They say that their customers enjoy subscriptions, and there are many services that can offer them.

Also, all of this isn’t only noticed in the first world, as they say, but instead, their developers create and offer apps for over 155 countries. These apps are even believed to shape culture, and improve lives, or reshape industries.

Most apps that are being downloaded and used supposedly belong to the categories of Gaming and Entertainment. They’re followed by Lifestyle apps, and also Health, Fitness, Photo, and Video related apps.

Growth is huge, and it varies from 70-90% depending on the app and the group it belongs, but these are still figures that Apple’s rivals can only dream of.

Most of the rival companies don’t even have an app store of their own. Instead, they provide apps for the Google’s store, and those apps often get hacked, and end up infecting consumers’ phones. Apple products get hacked as well, but many of the hacking attacks were easily beaten and stopped, while Android often gets hit.

Ali Raza
Ali Raza
Ali Raza is a freelance journalist with extensive experience in marketing and management. He holds a master degree and actively writes about crybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, and technology in general. Raza is the co-founder of SpyAdvice.com, too, a site dedicated to educating people on online privacy and spying.

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