Virtual Reality Is the Future of Gaming

Gaming has advanced by leaps and bounds. From the very early arcade and Atari games to modern day high-tech games, the graphics and abilities of gaming have completely changed. Even today, we are on the cutting edge of new and exciting things in the field. The future of gaming seems to be hinging on virtual reality.

Virtual Reality and What It Can Offer

Virtual reality is the idea of fully immersing oneself into a game. It involves special equipment that helps create the overall experience. In earlier times, VR involved large and complex equipment, but as technology has advanced, it can be accomplished using systems and devices we already have, along with special devices; typically called a headset. By wearing these headsets a person becomes part of the game, a 3D environment the player can interact with.

This virtual world enables a player to experience a game like never before. Players can have more control over the character they are playing. They are able to manipulate the scenes and have an overall more invigorating experience.

Concerns and Issues That Virtual Reality Is Facing

Of course, virtual reality isn’t without its downsides. As with any technology, there are going to be issues with getting it to the public and making it something that everyone can enjoy. One of the biggest challenges that VR technology has to face is its cost. Currently, systems are fairly expensive and not something that the average person can afford. Most of the VR equipment is designed to work with game systems and must be purchased separately. Typically, the VR equipment costs more than the actual game system do. Due to the cost, VR is typically more popular in places such as amusement parks than in the home as with traditional gaming.

Another issue is that VR sometimes causes motion sickness and can make some people dizzy. This means people won’t likely be playing VR games as long or as often as they do traditional games. If the industry makes too big of a shift, it could affect the bottom line and interest in gaming could decline.

Compatibility is another concern because not all games are suitable or even need VR. Some games just don’t lend themselves well to VR or don’t need the 3D experience. If a player can’t be truly engaged and part of the game, then VR is basically useless. There are many games that just wouldn’t need VR, so it is unlikely that people would be willing to shell out the money to play them. Developers need to be careful about implementing VR and using it in only games where it will make a positive difference.

Those who are in the industry, like Bobby Kotick, are sure to take notice of these issues and do what they can to bypass them or make up for them in some way. There is a market for VR no doubt, but the focus needs to be on overcoming the main issues that will keep people away from VR and that could make it more difficult to catch on. As with all the new technology introduced in the gaming industry, though, these professionals are sure to find a way to capitalize on VR so that it becomes a positive thing for players and the industry as a whole.

What to Expect From Virtual Reality

Despite the drawbacks and concerns over VR, it is something the industry is moving forward with because there is a demand for it. Right now, the systems being introduced are expensive and games are limited. However, it is expected, as with much technology, that as time goes on, costs will get lower.

Google Cardboard was one of the first VR devices to be introduced. While it isn’t really for gaming, it did showcase the possibilities of VR. As the name suggests, it is made of cardboard, which kept costs down, making it affordable for almost anyone. It is used with a smartphone and allows users to watch videos in 3D.

The first true VD gaming system was the Oculus Rift. Sony also got into the VR platform with the PlayStation VR headset. These both are to be used with existing consoles. The market continues to grow, too, with new VR devices being introduced.

The future of virtual reality as it relates to gaming, though, is still unclear. It is likely that newly introduced products will get a lot of buzz simply because it is a new technology that people haven’t seen before. However, how long it will last and how popular it will truly prove to be is still up in the air. Nobody can really predict how people will react to something or how well it will catch on. However, the future looks pretty bright for VR because people are ready for something new and exciting in gaming.

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