What Are the Types of Business Technology

Business technology plays a big role in business development. A business can use technology to gain competitive advantage. With good implementation and management of technology, a business can improve its services and production which satisfies its customers and increases on its profit margin. Also businesses use technology to cut down on costs of operation and improve on the quality of service and products. Below are some of the types of business technology.

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  • Business Hardware: Every business has its own hardware and specifications basing on the nature of that business. But the most common hardware used by every business is a desktop computer. Even though the business is small or big, they will have a need for a computer. In most cases these computers come with essential software’s installed, they can include applications like Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, internet explore, calculator just to mention but a few. All these programs help in the daily tasks of business, such as data recording which can be performed using Microsoft Excel.  Other important hardware include phones, fax machines , internet modems , etc


  • Business Software: Business Software helps in solving daily tasks at work. For example, Businesses use database software to create a centralized information unit ”Database” were data for the business is stored. The technical team in a business can create an internal or external network to allow easy access to this database at any moment by employees and managers of the business. With the availability of such information sharing environment, employees can query the database to retrieve desired data to make quick decisions in a business.


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  • Networking: A technical team can create a network through which data will be transferred from one department to another. This type of network can improve on information flow with in the business. The same network can be used to store business documents, simplify communication by use of electronic mail. With a well set up network, devices like printers can be shared across the organization. Creating an internal  network  can save a business money because employees will be sharing hardware without  any interruption.


  • Communication Hardware: Communication is one of the drivers of a business. Without communication a business can not succeed.  The process of communication is aided by technologies like phones, computers, VIOP machines, internet modems which enable business owners connect to internet. With the use of internet, business owners can communicate with their suppliers and distributors using electronic mail ‘’email ‘’. Also internet will enable business owners communicate with their customers  using medias like social media sites.

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