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As pinterest keeps on growing, more teachers are finding creative ways to use the network, Pinterest is an image bookmarking service which enables its registered users to created unlimited Pin-Boards to bookmark and organize images of their choice. Teachers have also decided to take the network to another step, by turning it as an educational tool which they can use to organize educational materials like infographic images, videos and pictures.

Since the service is free, teachers find it easy to join and use the network, another advantage with Pinterest is that a teacher can create a group pin board for their classroom or other educators, this helps in quick discovery of educational content and it also boosts teacher’s collaboration with their students or other educators on the network. Today I have compiled some of the top boards for teacher on Pinterest.

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  1. 1.     Med Kharbach Edublogger.

Top 10 Pinterest Boards For Teachers

Kharbach is an experienced educational blogger and a teacher of English as well as a researcher in MSV University department of education in Canada. He has created 9 educational boards and each board covers a specific topic . Some of these boards include ”Free technology for Educators which has over 883 pins , Google Guide for Teachers and students which has 10 pins , Youtube Tools for Teachers and Students which has got 40 pins, 21st century Education which has comic educational pictures , Educational Infographics which has over 97 pins , Free iPad apps for Teachers has over 108 pins for teachers iPad apps , Great Web Tools for Teachers has got 33 pins , The Best of TED Talks for Teachers has got 16 pins and Android Apps for Teachers with only 4 pins. In total Med Kharbach has pinned 1,229 Pins and he has got over 3,809 followers. You can check out this board here >>

  1. 2.     Future classroom – By Lauren Warner

I have browsed through this Future classroom board created by Lauren Warner and it has interesting educational pictures, teachers you can get some ideas fro decorating your classrooms , she also pins infographic pictures which link to websites with educational content. She has pinned only 124 educational photos and her board has over 1,300 followers.  You can check out this board here >>>

3. Teaching… one day again


Jenni Shaver has created this creative educational board , the board has just a few pins but i was shocked to see that the board has 869 followers. If you have many followers, it is a good sign that people like what you pin, so in this case, Jenni’s board fits to be on this list of the top 10 teachers boards on Pinterest. You can check out her board here >>


4. TEACHING – By Amy Thalke

With only 103 pins, this creative teaching board has managed to get 1,278 followers , Amy has managed to compile educational materials which can teach you on how to fix-up a story, how to spell , Job interview tricks for teachers and so much more. You can check out this board here >>>


5. PRINTABLE – By Laura Maher

Think of getting free printable graphics, Laura has made the hunt so simple for you by creating this Printable board. She pins printable ideas and websites which will offer you free printable deals as a teacher. Just scroll through this board you might find something interesting for your classroom. So far she has pinned only 32 images, but her board has scored 1,017 followers. You can check out her board here >>>

6. Kid Blogger Network Activities & Crafts

This is a creative collaborative board with educational content pinned by various bloggers focusing on activities and crafts for kids. If you’re a kindergarten teacher, then i recommend you join this group and make sure you follow this board because it will help you discover great ideas for your kindergarten classroom. The board has been created with a foundational belief that Playing and crafting with children improves well-being creative thinking and strengthens relationships between teachers and students. This group board has over 233 contributors, 22,073 pins and 39,393 followers. You can check out this board here >>>


7. Blogs/ Webpages  – By Chelsea Beard


This is a creative board which specializes in collecting blogs and webpages which can be used for educational purposes, so it is a great place to discover educational links. Chelsea has pinned on 27 pins , but it surprising that the board has over 1,817 followers. You can check out this board here >>>


8. Melissa Alonzo-Dillard

Melissa has created this educational board which can be of great use to any teacher. She’s a first grade teacher and she has created some interesting educational boards which include ” Classroom Organization which will help you get ideas on how to organize your classroom , Classroom Management board which shows you how to easily manage your classroom , Daily 5 Book Study is a simple board with 1-2-3 grade recommended books, and so much more, in total she has created 152 Boards and 12,341 pins , this has put her board in the top 10 boards for teachers with over 19,784 followers. You can check out her boards here >>>


9. Alligator, Alligator (Song)

This is an interesting board created by Debbie Clement, it is inspired by Alligators, it is a cute board for kindergarten teachers, and those kids love Alligators. Debbie uses this board to share poems, songs and other interesting Alligator photos for kids. You can check out her board here >>>

10. Charity Preston

Preston has managed to collect and create the most educative boards on Pinterest, she’s a teacher and she runs several educational websites which focus on helping teachers, so her boards are worth following. Some of her boards include ”Themes for classrooms which has 58 pins , Winter classroom ideas which has got 279 pins , Classroom DIY ideas which has god 227 pins, Classroom Freebies which is the most detailed educational board with over 5588 pins and so much more. As of now, Preston has created 79 boards , 12,813 pins and she has got 125,149 followers. Her boards are worth checking out here >>>

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