4 Business Technologies Which Will Make You Work Smarter

You can change the way you perform certain tasks in at work by using advanced business technologies. Why do things the old way? Yet technology can make your life easier and make you look smarter at your Job. If you have been complaining about stress and other related work issues, then you should also check out the tools you’re using to accomplish certain tasks at work. Many times we waste a lot of time at work because we use outdated business technologies. Get smarter at work by using some of these advanced business technologies.

  1. 1.    Jot Touch: – from adonit

Advance the way you draw sketches or write on your iPad. This pressure sensitive pen will allow you to make any type of sketch on your iPad. It even allows you to place your palm on the screen of the iPad with no worries of making mistakes while writing or drawing sketches. It comes with shortcut buttons which makes it easy to use, you can easily ”Undo” or switch colors with your finger. Jot Touch comes with a precision Disc which smoothly glides across the screen and it allows you to see where your mark will be made. To keep the life of its battery, simply plug the USB charger into any power source then recharge the battery on this Jot Touch.

When it comes to pricing, the Jot Touch comes at an affordable price, it will cost you only $89.99 . Buy it here:


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  1. 2.    Mobee Magic Numpad

Magic Numpad is and advanced keyboard with features which most keyboards have left out. Many keyboard manufactures have cut out the most essential parts users need when using keyboards. This Mahiv Numpad is a touch sensitive numeric keyboard, it comes with 3 different layouts which will let you customize your own Magic Numpad. It has a calculator mode which displays a calculator on your screen making it easy for you to make simple calculations without typing those completed formulas.

How to use this Magic Numpad?

  • You need to download a free Mobee software directly from www.mobeetechnology.com
  • Then you can apply the ”magical film” of your choice.
  • After that, you can confirm which film you’re using on your Apple computer, then get ready to use this Magic Numpad.

When it comes to pricing, you will spend only $29.99, it is quite affordable and fun to use.

  1. 3.     Magic Charger

At last, the hassle or charging my Apple Magic Mouse has been solved, this magic charger works as a battery and charger station for your Apple Magic Mouse. What is interesting about this charger is that it is wireless and eco-friendly designed to charge Apple’s Magic Mouse.

So, if the charger is wireless, where does it get its power from to charge your Apple Magic mouse It uses AA batteries and a Mobee rechargeable battery. Once the mouse is fully charged, the power will last for over six days without recharging. Actually, this device will make you look smarter as you work. At last someone will get rid of that office desk clutter.

When it comes to pricing, this Magic Charger will cost you only $39.90, so why not buy one for your office and look smarter.

  1. 4.    Mail Chimp:

It is time you get smarter when it comes to email marketing and email communication. Why send plain html emails yet you can use advanced clean business email templates with your own custom logo and graphics? Why send one single email to each of your customers ? Switch from the old way of doing things and try out Mailchimp.  As of now 2.5 million people use MailChip services. MailChimp will help you design email newsletter and intergrate them with services you already use. Use your dashboard to track results and response.

How mailchimp works?

  • Simply build a list of people you want to contact.
  • Create a template ir choose from already designed email templates.
  • Click the send button, and your message will be send to all contacts
  • Start tracking your results.

It is that simple and smart:  Try MailChimp today and work smarter.

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