Top Car Accessories to Get the Most of Your Car

According to the officials, around 600 million people get behind the wheel every day and when you get on the road, your safety and safety of your passengers is in your hands, so drive with care. New automotive technologies are making driving not only safer but much more convenient. Automakers are advancing various safety systems, some car makers even claim to bring driverless cars on the road by 2020. For now, we can use what we have at hand. So we hope these top car accessories help you improve your driving experience.

Hudway Glass

Car Accessory-Hudway Glass in the dark
Hudway Glass during the night

It is a simple smartphone accessory that gives you head-up display of the road ahead through its smart app. This is actually a built-in feature of some high-end cars but not everyone can afford such vehicles, so paying just $49 to get this head-up vision is like getting thousands of dollars’ worth of upgrade. This product has been used by over one million drivers and it has saved many lives. Hudway Glass reflects screen of your phone, which appears like a holographic visualization on its display, definitely deserves a spot on the top car accessories list . 

The advantage is you don’t get distracted while driving, you can easily see the road and if the whether is not clear or if it is too dark to see, you can use its head-up guidance system to drive away. Reading your text messages while driving is dangerous but did you know that looking down at your speedometer is too? Yes, it is because it causes enough distraction to make you road-blind. But you don’t have to worry because Hudway Glass also shows your driving speed.

Car Accessory-Hudway Glass in the day
Hudway Glass during the day

Hudway navigation app is a really good example of how smartphones can be used to transforms navigation systems and app for broader purposes, like head up display. The app uses navigation paths and represents them as 3D curves that continuously feed the data of the road ahead to your phone. Inspired by rally racing, this car accessory is one to go with if road safety is your prime concern.

Aware Car

Aware Car-Car Accessory

Are you tired of paying for the expensive parking tickets because you are so forgetful? Here is the $10 dollar solution to all your worries. Aware Car is a small device that comes with a smartphone app which notifies you about your parking status. Simply put it in your glove box (or anywhere safe) and forget about it. It won’t ask you for a recharge for almost a year, yip top car accessory material!

Now when you leave the car, open the Aware Car app with a single swipe and it will show you where you parked your car with the help of Google maps. If you are parked in a metered spot, Aware Car automatically asks you to tap in the amount of time you have paid for. Now if you have gone too far to walk back to your car within that time, Aware Car will notify you so you can hurry.

Go Far

Go Far-Car Accessory

Go Far is an intelligent in-car device that enables you to extend your car mileage by simply letting you know when you are wasting too much gas. It helps you drive smarter and wiser. It helps you cut time in traffic, reduce emissions and save fuel. How? Go Far works by utilizing the science behind your car’s engine.

Every engine has a sweet spot, an optimum throttle position that maximizes your power and minimizes your fuel consumption. In short, your car runs best when you keep it in the sweet spot. Here’s the trick, the sweet spot is different for every engines, but you must have already guessed that and Go Far knows it as well, thus being on our top car accessories list .

That is why this easy to install smart car accessory finds your engine’s sweet spot and gives you live feedback through its dashboard device that tells you how hard to push the accelerator and when not to. The display glows blue when you are in the sweet spot and red when you wasting fuel. This may not sound very appealing at first, but if you can save 13-22 percent fuel on each fill-up, that’s not such a bad deal don’t you think?


Car Accessory-KIWI 3

KIWI3 is a ravishing OBD2-to-smart device that allows you to check and reset engine trouble codes right through your smartphone. You can use it to get the real time updates of your gauges, measure power, torque, fuel efficiency and hazard status. It also offers GPS mapping with data overlay in a comprehensive data log. This is the most agreeable car accessory to check engine’s diagnostics.

It is a very intuitive car accessory that works with any vehicle that has been manufactured since 1996. It is because that was the time when diagnostic boards became a must-have automobile feature of a car. KIWI 3 is convenient to deploy, you simply plug in the palm-sized device into your car’s OBD2 port and launch KIWI 3 app on your smartphone.

Compared to the previous edition, KIWI 3 is much faster, uses lesser energy and employs Bluetooth 4.0 for a quicker exchange of data between the device (or adapter) and your smartphone. Keep in mind that development of likes of KIWI also depends on the advancement of mobile technology as well. First KIWI adapter was introduced back in 2009 with limited functionality, but 2016’s edition is compatible with iPhone, Android phones, Linux and Windows as well.


car accessory-VOYO device

Voyo is something similar to KIWI 3, but much better. It connects your car to your phone, which in turn connects to a cloud in a triangle that increases your road safety and improves your driving skills, along, cutting down on your fuel consumption and emissions. Voyo packs advanced capabilities to create powerful driving applications. Compared to KIWI 3 which easily jacks into the OBD2 port, Voyo has to be directly installed on the diagnostic board of your car, and it goes without saying it can only install on cars made after 1996, you know why.

Voyo smartphone app comes with instruction about how to connect the device to the diagnostic board that is located right under the dashboard. Once installed, Voyo relays information to your smartphone about your fuel consumption habits. More awesome top car accessory features that KIWI 3 won’t offer include remote locking/unlocking the doors and trunk all with a single tap on your smartphone.

VOYO has a great anti-theft system called "Immobilization"
VOYO has a great anti-theft system called “Immobilization” which can be activated through app

Locating where you parked your car sounds like old school compared to additional awesomeness Voyo offers. You can use Voyo’s “Auto Key” function to lock and unlock the car as you approach your car with your phone in your pocket. Likewise, an “Auto Trunk Mode” can be set to open the trunk when you walk up to it. Its “immobilization” feature can be activated to prevent the car from starting unless your phone is in the car. You can also schedule it abstain engine ignition during the certain hours, which can most likely be used when your car is parked outside during the night.

Last but not the least, the safety enhancement features. Voyo monitors the vehicle and sends an alert to your mobile phone if the car is being driven unsafely, there is an accident or if there is any kind of car malfunction. The mobile alerts can be sent via email or SMS and include information like time of the event, location of the vehicle and its condition.

You must be thinking Voyo is getting too much of our attention compared to other car accessories, well we are not to blame because the count is not over yet. Voyo’s “EcoStart” functionality allows you to control your car’s engine using foot break. By virtue of EcoStart, the engine completely stops when driver slightly pushes the foot break and ignites it again when he releases it. That’s how you save fuel.

VOYO saves your fuel through its EcoStart function
VOYO saves your fuel through its EcoStart function

Voyo is developing the next generation of mapping system called “Voyo Aware” that would automatically detect unsafe driving conditions and alert other Voyo users by placing an icon on the map. These crowdsource pieces of information like antilock brakes, hazardous weather, and car swerving will be visible to other drivers so they can get a heads up.

Voyo serves as a wolf on a constant watch on your car’s condition, feeding you data right from the diagnostic board, which is the heart of a vehicle. The intelligent car accessory continuously scans your car for any type of problem using its advanced diagnostic software. If an issue is detected, Voyo instantly sends you an alert with reference code of the problem so auto repair shop won’t be able to tell you another way.

If you think you can use some useful utility features for your vehicle, these top 5 car accessories will help you decide what you need most. They say car only talks back to a real driver, so let it speak.

Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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