Sign language Ring & Bracelet- A little more than just your average fashion jewelry

There is always that one invention you come across now and then, that strikes you as simply amazing piece of technology. It is just the right mixture of necessity, comfort and convenience. This is what we feel about the sign language ring and bracelet; it is pure genius! Instead of using interpreters who are not always available or write down sentences in order to run common errands affectively, hearing impaired people can now use this Sign Language translator device for communicating with various people conveniently. God knows what took the researchers so long to finally come up with something this useful, but six people from the Asia University finally did it. This invention is not just going to break stereotypes but it will also serve to fill the communication gap that exists between hearing impaired people and those who have no trouble hearing. This sign language ring and bracelet is truly the answer to all communication problems of a hearing impaired person.

 What is the sign language ring and bracelet?

Design concept by the Asia University and inspired by the Buddhist prayer beads, these are wearable devices and come in a set of two objects- the rings and the bracelet. They are a collection of six rings that the hearing impaired person wears on the thumb, index finger and middle finger of each hand. The bracelet is worn on either wrist. The two come as a set and are of no use individually.


How do they work?

When a person talks using sign language, these rings ‘comprehend’ the different movements made by the hands and communicate this information to the bracelet. The bracelet then converts the sign language into words which are then heard from speakers embedded within the bracelet.

These items can work vice versa as well. Meaning the bracelet ‘hears’ what the other person is saying and converts it into text that appears on the bracelet itself. The hearing impaired person can then just simply read what is written on the bracelet, thus making the communication circle complete.

sign-language-ring2Are there good reviews for it?

The sign language ring and bracelet is an awesome device for people who normally need assistance to interpret what they’re saying. Even though a few have complained that the Sign Language Ring and Bracelet have been unable to translate a couple of their signs and some of them have been interpreted wrongly, most of the users are happy with the invention since it eliminates their dependence on an interpreter.

Features and advantages:

  • Stylish looking and not too prominent an accessory.
  • Some of the sentences can also be pre-recorded within the bracelet.
  • To pack them up and prevent them from getting lost while not in use, the rings can be fixed within the bracelet.
  • Helps hearing impaired users gain self-confidence and live without dependence on interpreters.
  • The sign language ring and bracelet is a compact device that is of great use and is making the lives of numerous hearing impaired people a lot better and easier.

By Karehka Ramey

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