Boost Student’s Grades With These Top 5 Educational Websites

You will all agree that the Internet is becoming an essential technology in our educational environment, many teachers are using internet to reach students across boarders and this has simplified the way how students and teachers interact. This increase in the usage of internet in the education sector has attracted many online entrepreneurs to invest massively in educational platforms which can help students improve their learning abilities and answer teachers’ ever recurring question,

“How to get better grades from my students?”

It is a clever idea for teachers to use new technologies which seem friendly to their students, because on average, every student in the developed world uses internet technology 1 – 5 times a day. Though most of them use it for communication and social purposes, playing around with their technological interests in an academic manner can boost their interest for learning, which will help to improve their grades in the long-run.

Today on Use of Technology, I have compiled a list of the best educational websites you can recommend to your students to aid in getting better grades.


  • 1.   Brain Pop:

When it comes to improving your student’s interaction while in the classroom, you might find this website very interesting. Brain Pop deals in creating animated educational games and curricular content which you can use to keep your students engaged. Many teachers wonder how they can integrate gamification tools in their classrooms and keep their students focused on learning, if your one of those teachers, try out Brain pop, I guarantee your students will love this technology. Students can utilize all of BrainPop’s tools without downloading or going through the hassle of installing them. This means that your students can simply use their cell phones to play games, solve puzzle, or learn new thing. Some of the subjects your students can learn with Brainpop include; Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Art & Music, Engineering & Tech , Health and so much more.

Check it out at Brainpop


  • 2.    Prongo:

Kindergarten teachers you will find Prongo very interesting, they provide both free and paid games for kids between the ages of 3 – 12 years. Some kids at these ages have less interest in traditional education, so using fun games to teach them new subjects will boots their interest in learning. Their website is not the most well designed, but the games are well customized to educate all students between the 3- 12 age bracket. Teachers you can also take advantage of Prongo’s Quiz station, they offer a simple, easy to use quiz platform which you can use to create online quizzes for your students. Such collaborations can result in better grades for your students because they will have a chance to participate by use of anonymous names, which is a great advantage for shy students who might fail to participate in real classroom quizzes.

Furthermore, Prongo will provide students with clip-arts, e-cards, wallpapers, jokes and screensavers which can be used as educational materials. Some of the most popular games you will find on Prongo include;

  • Free Printable Flash Cards
  • Space World Game
  •  CopyCat Jack Game
  • 8 Planets The Solar System Game
  • Colorful Shape Making Game
  • Fish World 2
  • Mad Math Game
  • Multiplying to 25 Math Game

Visit Prongo for more info


  • 3.   National Geographic For Kids:

I’m a great fan of National Geographic because they have the most educational content available to both adults and kids. The National Geographic Kids section is 100% dedicated to kids. Your students or children can take advantage of fun games, educational videos, learn about pets and animals, view photos of various educational subjects, find new and fun books to read, upload classroom pictures and join the NGK community to discuss various topics with fellow students from other schools. Students can also use the National Geographic Educational section for reference or research purposes, this section includes activities and games, maps, photos and a detailed encyclopedia organized from A-Z, which makes it easy to browse. Teachers you too can take advantage of the teachers section to get detailed information about various geographical factors, this can be a great source of information for both Science & Geography teachers.

How to Get Better Grades?

Visit National Geo for more info


  • 4.    Learning Games For Kids

This website offers both free and premium educational games for kids. Their games are categorized by age and subject and some of the most popular games your students may like include, animal games, educational songs, health games, art & music games, math games, preschool games, science games, literature games, word games, spelling games, vocabulary games which will help your students learn how to write well composed sentences and so much more. Without a doubt, educational games are recommended when it comes to building a strong learning foundation for subjects like Math and English. Many kids complain that think learning math is one of their biggest challenges, brake this myth by integrating math games provided by ”Learning Games for Kids”, these games will improve their math skills and teach them how to solve equations.

Learn more here at Learninggamesforkids


  • 5.       Vocabulary Spelling City

Even though English is the most used language in American schools, you will be shocked that most students don’t know how to write well composed English sentences and most of them speak broken English, well Spelling City is here to solve this problem. On their Website, they feature a simple brain teasing form which can introduce a student to a new learning world of vocabulary. This website offers game-based learning tools which can help any student learn how to write and spell, they also have over 50,000 sentences which are read by a real trained expert to your students or kids. They recently implemented a new mobile application which can be installed on tablets and smart phones, this new educational technology can help your kids or students learn on the go. The website is also valuable to teachers; you can choose from existing word lists or have the opportunity to create your own word list which you can use in literacy-building exercises.

Better Grades are a click away …Spelling City


In conclusion:

This is just a summarized list of great educational websites which you can use to improve your student’s or kid’s grades and interest in learning. If you’re still asking how to get better grades, you can also have a great look at other platforms like,, and  Internet technology promotes individual learning, so your child or students will definitely love these cool educational websites.



You can contribute to this discussion by using the commenting box below, if you know of any great websites students can use to boots their grades and learning abilities, please don’t hesitate to contribute.


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