iPhone Water Damage Repair

Water though the most crucial for human life but when it comes to your mobile device water is the biggest hazard. The situation gets worst because many mobile providers do not provide warranty in case of water damage not even Apple.

Seems that you have accidentally dropped off your Apple device in water or water just fell on your phone. If you have completely immersed your iPhone in water then Apple cannot help you, because the warranty and the paid-for Apple Care plan specifically exclude any faults that are due to water damage.

Just a piece of advice for people who think they can hide from Apple store or any other retail store and try to pretend that the problem is has nothing to do with water, they cannot FOOL the store. Because Iphone has got 4 liquid submersion indicators within it, that turn pink when it comes in contact with water or any other liquid. So, they’ll easily know if you are trying to fool them or pretending to them.

Still you need not worry we have certain solutions to repair water damaged iPhone.The first and very very crucial point you need to keep in your mind as  and when you drop your iPhone in water is not to either turn it ON or plug it in to a power source.

Now let us look at some of the solutions for repairing a water damaged iPhone.

Solution 1 – Firstly wipe off the liquid from your iPhone and then shake the phone slowly to clear ports and sockets such as USB point Headphone plug-in, speaker, camera, etc.

Then keep the iPhone in a sealed plastic bag, with lots of packets of Silica gel(moisture-absorbent substance found mostly inside packaging of any electronic item), and keep the plastic bag in a dry place for two-to-four days. Please make sure that the moisture is drawn out from the ports and sockets inwards of your iPhone.

After that take your iPhone out of the plastic bag and then switch it on and plug it in a charging source to see if it’s working fine or not. It is suggested to connect to iTunes to check the whether there is any data loss or not.

Hope this solution will help you if not go to solution 2.

Solution 2 –  As we stated earlier turn off your iPhone immediately after its contact with water. Then remove the SIM card tray and then pull off your SIM card and dry both SIM and SIM card tray.

Now Take the Pent lobe (5 point star) screwdriver if you can find one(Do not use any other sharp thing such as knife) and remove the two screws at the bottom of the iPhone on both sides of the charging port.

Now slide the back of the iPhone off. Then remove the battery of your iPhone .

After this clean the battery carefully to make sure there is no water left and also slowly clean the phone body and dry it off giving very low level of heat through a hair dryer (Please do not expose the iPhone to high temperature)

Now keep the iPhone and its components in a dry place such as a jar of Rice for two- to-three days.

Later take your iPhone out of the Rice jar and then switch it on and plug it in a charging source to see if it’s working fine or not. It is suggested to connect to iTunes to check the whether there is any data loss or not.

Hope these solutions will help you and next time be careful with handling your iPhone, so that you dont throw it in water again.

Thanks & Cheers.

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