6 New Business Technologies For Improving Your Productivity at Work

To some extent, every business will need to use technology to improve on its productivity and efficiency. Technology saves us time and it helps us complete difficult tasks on time, so we get the chance to do more with less energy. Their many types of business technologies which can be used to boost productivity at work and more business technologies will keep on emerging on the market with the aim of simplifying how we work.

To benefit from this technology, managers need to plan well for this technology, if you don’t have an outlined plan on how to use technology in your company to boost production, that technology will be put to waste, which is not good for any growing business. To gain competitive advantage over well established players in the market, your company has to plan for its technology, you need to find ways of using that technology to; increase production, improve quality, improve customer service and working conditions.  Below is a list of 6 new business technologies for improving your productivity at work.

  1. 1.     Buddy Bluetooth Watch

Time is money, so it is vital to own a technology which will keep you informed of anything on instant. This Buddy blue-tooth watch will display all notifications on its screen and you can as well use it to control your smartphone. If you hate this habit of checking out your smartphone for updates all the time, then save you’re self from that stress with this Blue-tooth VEA BUDDY watch. Simply connect this watch with your smartphone or tablet, and then you will start receiving all notification via the watch. When ever you get a new message or notification, the VEA BUDDY will vibrate, so you don’t have to miss that important text or business email.

How it improves your productivity?

  • All notifications will display on the watch from your smartphone or tablet, so you don’t have to stop typing a business report to read a message on your smartphone.


  • Displayed Time is derived from your Smartphone
  • Who is calling will show up on your watch screen, it will show the callers phone number and you can accept the call or reject it directly from the watch.
  • You read alltext messages which come on your Smartphone via the watch’s screen. When ever a new message comes, a vibration is made.

Learn more here: 



:- Use of Technology In Business – To Spend Less Time Working

  1. 2.     Tethercell

You can easily control any battery operated device in your office or workplace using your Smartphone or tablet. Do not waste time doing simple things which can be controlled remotely with technology. This Tethercell technology will technically give you the freedom of controlling every AA-battery operated device from your iOS or Android gadget. The application will alert you when battery power is low, you can remotely set device schedules and timers, you can also turn AA-battery powered devices on and off remotely.

If you work from home, this technology will save you time, because you will be in control of most cell powered gadgets.

Get Tethercell here:


  1. 3.     CommBadge

The goal is to save time and focus on more productive tasks at work. Avoid wasting time doing simple things which can be automated with technology. CommBadge a wearable Blue-tooth communicator for iPhone and Andriod phones, it can send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls while your phone is in the pocket. It is very light, you can simply attach it on your shirt. When it comes to communication, the device has a crystal-clear hands-free tech which will eliminate all background noise and allow you to communicate clearly and effectively without stopping what your doing.  It is easy and convenient to use. So if you hate wearing Bluetooth headsets, this is a great option for you.

Get CommBadge here:


  1. 4.     RovAir Mobile Broadband

This is a collaborative consumption platfform which will allow your team to share a mobile broadband account. If you operate a small business of around 5 people, you don’t have to waste money to expensive broadband connections, simply share one account and save money. In business, every coin counts, so you have to find as many ways as you can to save money. RovAir can be turned on only when you want to, then turn it off when your not using it. No more wasting of time searching for Wifi connections around you. Simply try RovAir

Get it now from here:


  1. 5.     Dreamer Stylus

This is a stationary technology which will define the future of your workplace. It makes writing on paper or iPad so easy and interesting. This Dreamer Stylus has two modes of style, one can write on paper, and then the other model can write on an iPad. It is very easy to use this pen, simply push the button and start writing. The pen comes in various interesting colors from which you can choose from.

Various Colors:

Learn more about Dreamer Stylus Pen here:


  1. 6.      POC Desktop

Believe it or not, many small business owners are using Windows based desktops. This Poc Desktop will enable you access your windows desktop anytime, anywhere, from any device. Simply download and install POC Desktop application on your Smartphone, tablet or laptop, then gain access to your windows desktop at home or office. After gaining access, you can do what ever you want on your desktop, you can even install software on that remote computer.  It has proved to be a great application for small business owners.


Learn more about POC DESKTOP here:


In Conclusion:

This is a brief list of new business technologies which can improve on your productivity at work, feel free to suggest more new technologies using the commenting form below: It is very important to save time in business.

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