Bridge The Language Barrier With Language Translation Technology

The world is a community of different people from all corners and continents. There are an estimated 5000-7000 languages in the world, all of them differentiated between different dialects, most of these languages are said to be evolving. With the world becoming a more socially engaged place, more than ever different countries communicate to share ideas or do business. However, a consistent challenge normally arises, the language barrier. However, language technology has become a savior to this great challenge.

Modern Language Translation Technology

With the recent growing trend in technology, we must expect language technology to also benefit ,various companies are offering a hand in ensuring the language barrier is no longer a big issue among the people. These companies are spilling a lot of their cash and spending a lot of time growing their language database and fine tuning their stuff, ensuring they make a great breakthrough in this sector. Some of the companies are;

  • Google ( check out their new language tech)
  • Waygo
  • HP
  • Ebay
  • Twitter 

Language translation devices have made it easier for people such as tourists to travel all around the world without fear of language barrier. Here are a few of these translation devices:

  • The Ili

The Ili is a device that hangs around the neck, or in the hand and translates speech in real time. This device was made by a Japanese company called Logbar. This device doesn’t need an internet connection and has been a breakthrough in the elimination of language barrier. The Ili device has a pre-loaded vocabulary library with an ability to translate over 50,000 words and phrases. If in Japan or China, the device will prove to be of much help since it can translate English to Japanese and ( Mandarin) Chinese. Languages available in the docket are Spanish, Thai, French, and Arabic all in one docket.  Through this, there is smooth enabled one way conversation between the two cultures.

This portable smart device can be utilized when visiting remote locations where internet is not available. Ili can be specially used in airports, restaurants, while shopping, hotels, self-introduction and during troubles in a foreign country. 

  • The Pilot

This language translator that took over the market in 2016. The Pilot has two language translation earpieces one for each speaker and is coordinated with a smartphone app.  It looks like a fully wireless headset with separate left and right earpieces. The language translation earpiece is very comfortable and sleekly designed. If not in use, they can be carried in a plastic case which has an integrated battery for charging the earpieces.  These earpieces work with waverly’s language app, this should be installed on both smartphones.

The app is available for free on both Android and iOS. All one would need is to sync their conversation ( both phones) through a matching QR code, After, press the button on the app, enabling one to record what you want to say. Your voice will then be transferred to Waverly’s software that will convert it to text in the partner’s phone or through the other earpiece, and your friend will hear what you said in the language they understand. The languages that can be translated include English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, African languages among others. This device can be used to conduct a dual conversation with friends who speak a different language. 

  • The Translate One2One

This translation device has been made by Lingmo International an Australian start-up. The language translator is powered by IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence technology. One2One doesn’t require Wi-Fi connectivity, as it is fitted with a mobile sim slot and it is compatible with Bluetooth devices. The Translate One2One device can translate or break down local slugs to translating complex dialects from eight different languages, translating words in 3-5 seconds. The device has a state of the art translation program that supports languages such as Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, German, and English.  The device is armed with noise canceling speakers that can pick up spoken phrases with pinpoint accuracy. This device is a quick-response translator that ensures the flow of conversation is smooth.  

  • Travis the Translator

Travis the Translator is a handheld device, the most sought-after language translation device. Travis the translator device supports voice translation in more than 80 languages worldwide. This device is designed with an artificial intelligence that makes it learn as the user speaks and it becomes better the more it is used. It has a high-speed quad-core processor that ensures there are instant results. One advantage of this device is that one can use it with or without an internet connection, besides it is equipped with both 3G and WIFI. With a single battery charge, Travis the Translator can work up to 12 hours. The device has a clear audio and a dynamic microphone and speaker. With a single touch, you will get an instant translation. Also, it is earphone compatible in case of private conversations.Travis will hear what is being said and then it repeats what you have said in a different language through its speakers or your headset and even your partner’s ear piece. One can use them in the most interior parts of the world with no worry since it knows diverse languages.

Language Translation Software

Apart from such adorable language tech devices, it is important also to note that various software have been developed to help with translation. The software comes in the form of mobile applications for both Android mobile phones and iOS phones. Among the best translation apps are;

This language application supports the most languages in terms of translation ( beats it in terms of available translated languages), with a capability of about 103 languages, while there is an offline support for 52 languages. On the other hand, Real-Time Video Translation can support up to 30 languages. Camera mode, speech to speech translation and handwriting translation can support 37, 32 and 93 languages respectively.

Other software translators include the Microsoft Translator, iTraslate Voice, SayHi, Waygo, Triplingo and Speak and Translate among many others.  Most of these applications can be found in the Google app store or the apple app store.

Though these devices and software have been of much help to a lot of the people, I would advise people to use them with caution.  It’s never advisable to use these apps and devices in legal, medical and serious business deals since they are never 100% accurate. The choice of a device will be determined by the price targets as well as the availability.

Sarah Ivy
Sarah Ivy
Sarah Ivy is a freelancing journalist, having more than 3 years experience in writing. She has a BSc in Literature and this contributes a lot to her writing. She enjoys writing and covering topics about technology, digital marketing, real estate and finance.

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