Twitter on Sale? Google, SalesForce, Verizon are In


Twitter seems to have lost the resources to survive on its own and it is rumored that the famous celebrity updates platform could finally get sold to Google, SalesForce, or Verizon.

Google, SalesForce, and Verizon could be the most potential buyers as Twitter is reportedly talking to the tech companies for a possible acquisition. The net worth of the company would be based on the 313 million active users that offer a world of users’ data, besides, the website has a great potential. What it truly lack is the right direction.

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The rumored sell out news has already boosted Twitter’s stocks to 23% increase. The credit also goes to the social media site’s recent features like the social video but doesn’t matter what they do Twitter doesn’t seem to be growing in numbers. It recently lost two executives including the head of TV Andrew Adashek.

Jack Dorsey, who has been CEO of the company for the last two years has only witnessed decreased revenue, which only improved slightly over the last two months. Company’s co-founder and board member Evan Williams told Bloomberg that the Twitter will weigh its options and choose what is best. Here’s the takeaway: Twitter would be lucky to have closed the sell-out deal by the end of the year, but sources say the talks may not necessarily end up in a sale.

By Muhammad Waqas

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