Use of Technology to Change Education For Students With Disabilities

Students with disabilities have always found it difficult to learn various subjects. In my opinion, i think all students should have equal opportunities to learn any thing, but in most cases, some of these disabled students are discriminated and many schools their educational curriculum does not cater for students with disabilities.

It is the role of schools and parents to use technology to simplify the way students with disabilities learn. Being disabled does not mean that a child is unable to do great things, so if we can empower these disabled students with educational technology, they will stay motivated and learn even better. Below i have outlined ways how technology is used to Change Education for Students with Disabilities.

Technology for Kids with Autism

  1. 1.     Use of Ipads to teach students with Autism:

Many times students with Autism have trouble speaking and they also tend to have trouble socializing with other students at school. iPads are smart attractive tablets, because of their easy to use touch screens and amazing functions, students with Autism find it easy and fan to use iPads to learn.


Technology for Kids With Autism

Teachers can use iPads to teach these students in various ways,. for example; you can use an ipad to encourage students to make presentations in the classroom, ipads have blue-tooth technology which can enable them interact with smart white boards, so you can easily program these ipads to communicate with an interactive smart white board in the classroom, then the student will be in total control of both the ipad and the smart white board. In this case a student with Autism can be in position to make PowerPoint presentation right from their iPads and this presentation will be seen on a smart white board for other students to learn.

The more a child plays with such a technological tool, the more their brains work and this can even help them learn how to talk and learn. Also teachers can create visual illustrations for each subject, so as they teach, the child will be going through slides on their iPads as they listen to what the teacher is teaching.

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  1. 2.     Use of robots to teach students with Autism: Basing in research done by various educators, they have discovered that students with Autism can easily learn with robots. Autistic children find robots very interesting and less threatening compared to humans. To some extent this might be true, because Robots have no emotions and a student will be in control of the learning process as well as have fan. Many times students with autism find it difficult to communicate with adults and other children at school, but when it comes to robots, they can easily interact with them. If a student with autism comes to school for their first time, they always have a problem of making eye contact and socializing with others, so when they introduce them to robots, they feel comfortable. Robots can be used to teach phonics, memory and imitation games. These memory games help in stimulating the student’s brain.

Educational Technology for Deaf Children:

  1. 3.     VV-Talker Speech Assistive Device For Deaf Children

Technology for Deaf Children - VV-Talker


Deaf students always find it difficult to speak effectively because of their disability to listen. The good news is that our education system has tried to cater for deaf students by tailoring special educational curriculum for deaf students, but still there is a need to use technology to make these students more active and also be in position to hear and talk. To over come this problem, a new technology has been invented, this VV-Talker speech Assistive device helps deaf children overcome their inability to speak effectively.


Using technology to teach students with disabilities helps these students get the same opportunities and chance like the other normal students, so it is very important for both schools and parents to use these technologies to boost the learning capabilities of their disabled children.


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