Use of Technology in Schools

Unless schools embrace technology and start using technology both in classrooms and outside classrooms, students will get bored of the present education system, because the outside world is providing them with what they need and schools are taking this for granted. So how can schools use technology and prepare our kids for the next technology based generation. Below I have listed some of the uses of technology in schools.

(1) Promoting equity of access to educational materials:  Schools must use technology to enable students get access to educational material even when they’re not in class or at school. This can be implemented by digitizing educational material and store it on a remote database. Each student can have access to this database using their user names and passwords. So teachers can use the same platform to post assignments and provide notes via this remote system. All this can be achieved by embracing the internet technology. Student ‘’X’’ will simply go the website of their school and login to access educational data.  Making the access of data by use of technology  benefits both the student and the teacher. If teachers can provide assignments remotely and reply to any queries from students, this will create a certain degree of interest in learning because the student uses the means they are familiar with.

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(2) eLearning ‘’online education’’ : Technology can help schools put education in palms of students across the globe. Rather than the old system of attending physical class, schools can embark on technology and open up their boundaries. This  helps them reach more students across the globe and improve on learning abilities of those students. The private sector has played a big role in embracing this technology by inventing educational mobile Apps which allow students access library content via phones, so also schools can adopt the same culture to reach more students.


(3) Structure education as an entertainment: Today, many students get bored attending normal classes. It has been a routine for long and it has to change. Technology has helped solve this by making learning visual and fun. For example, instead of listening to verbal and reading text on the black board, teachers can use projectors to illustrate data with images and less text. Visual illustrations are not boring so the student will be active in class. Also schools should invest in educational computer games which can help students solves puzzles. This makes education fun and interesting. Entertainment engages the hearts and minds of students

(4) Learning in the moment: In schools education is centered on what was learned before. Teachers keep teaching the same thing over and over. This is so boring.  So schools should use technology to make research and find new things to teach. Give students what they want not what you want. Because what worked for my parents in 1940 can not work for me in 2015 , so schools should look into this and learn what students want then teach them.

(5) Open up the education system to others: For schools to improve on the education system, they can use technology and open up their education material to other professions in the society for review. This will led to discussions and suggestions on areas of improvement. I believe their many experienced professionals out side the education system who can gain access to this material and suggest creative changes.

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(6) Learning depends on effective teaching:  Schools can use technology to connect educators to their students all the time. If a student can learn anything anytime and remove the boundaries of classroom hours this will make students active all the time other than being active only during class time and become redundant after classroom.

With the implementation of these points and many more I have not mentioned, schools will benefit from technology and students will enjoy learning.

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