Hydrogen Cells For Charging Smartphones – Starting From $199!

This technology is not new, these hydrogen cells has been used by astronauts for more than 10 years, but we have not heard of the product to use it ourselves . Now we have it at our disposal to be used as a charger for our smartphone.

These hydrogen based chargers apparently made its way to the commercial mainstream, even though the price to acquire one is pretty high. Intelligent Energy is the name of the company that developed the device. They named the device, “Upp” and its weight doesn’t exceed 500 grams. The price for one of these chargers is similar to its name $199, that’s definitely “Upp” . Inside there is a system based on hydrogen cells that can release enough energy to charge a smartphone about five times as normal.

It would take production from several manufacturers in the market to lower the price significantly. The idea is not bad, but the product does not currently apply to everyday use, there’s a little too much price for that power. Also we generally have access to an outlet when needed.

Cartridges are interchangeable and the device can warn you when it is time for a “refill”. For researchers or adventurers who sit perched on the mountain for at least a week, the hydrogen cell charger can make a big difference in problematic situations or in situations of boredom, where you can complete multiple levels of Candy Crush.

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