12 Best Apps for Shopping – Changing How We Shop Online

Mobile technology has changed the way businesses sell products and services to the end consumer. Mobile technology is highly competing desktop computer technology simply because cell phones are affordable and easy to move with. The development of Smartphones like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC smartphones, Nokia Lumia which run on operating systems like Windows, iOs, and Android, has completely changed the way people use cell phones. All smartphones have basic features you can find on a computer, all Smartphones can access internet so users can easily browse through different online stores and shop for what they want.

This move, has forced many businesses, to develop e-commerce applications for mobile phones so that they reach a bigger audience. New innovative e-commerce companies like Fab.com & Groupon.com help mobile shoppers to easily discover shopping deals from different stores. As the e-commerce business keeps on booming, I have compiled some of the best Apps for shopping.

  1. 1.    Poshmark:

If you think of buying your dream dress or shoe but it costs more in the fashion store, then opt for this Poshmark Mobile App. Poshmark will enable you shop for what you need from closets of people around you. This application has made closet clearing more fun. For those who want to sell, simply take pictures of clothes and fashion accessories you want to sale using the Poshmark App, then create a listing of all products you want to sell , you will also be in position of creating a cover photo for your listing.

Buyers are protected, you make the payment then when the seller ships the item and you get convinced with the quality of the item, you notify Poshmark to pay the seller.   Download Poshmark here:

  1. 2.    Fancy:

It looks more like Pinterest, but it the only difference is that , you get a chance to see hot shopping deals tailored basing on the things you fancy. So as you bookmark things you fancy, you will see deals on products related to the items you fancy.  The fancy is partly a store, magazine and a whish list.

Get the app here:

  1. 3.    Yardsale

This cool shopping mobile App simply makes buying and selling between you and your neighbor much easier. The idea is almost the same like that of eBay, but it is more localized and socialized than ebay. Since items listed on Yard Sale are coming from your neighbors and friends, you will feel more secure when buying them. If you’re a regular shopper, then you need to turn on the item alert feature to notify you about new listings from people around you.  Get Yardsale App from here

  1. 4.   Shopkick

For those who shop on a regular basis, try out shopkick App, you get rewarded for shopping things you want, you get point for buying from top stores like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Old Navy, American Eagle and Crate & Barrel.You will even get more rewards if you scan and buy those items. This mobile application will even show you great deals and discounts.

Try shopkick here:


  1. 5.     Amazon Price Check:

Easily check prices on millions of products on Amazon using this price checking application for iPhone. You can use  the barcode scanning function to search for the lowest prices on Amazon.com. After finding a great deal on amazon.com with this application, you can go ahead and buy the product directly from the application. For those who have not tried this shopping APP, it simply allows you to scan a product barcode from any store and see Amazon’s price for that particular item. So if you go to any store, you can simply use your cell phone to scan the barcode of any item, then you will see how much it costs on Amazon.com. It is quite a controversial application, but it is very useful.

Download this APP from here:

  1. 6.    Starbucks

Ordering for coffee at Starbucks just got fan. Now you can use your smartphone to make a payment for a coffee cap at starbucks outlets. With this iPhone App, you can be in position to manage your Starbucks Card balance or view your transaction history; you can also reload your card. The App also comes with a built-in store locator which will point you to the nearest startbuck store. For those who need some thing special, you can use this app to build your own perfect drink.

If you’re a big coffee fan, you can subscribe for startbucks notifications about coffee specials and discounts.  Get Starbucks App from here

  1. 7.    eBay Mobile

If you enjoy buying products on ebay , then you will find this mobile app for ebay very useful. With this mobile App, you can buy and sell items on ebay using your cell phone. You can easily set notifications alerts to let you know when bidding on a particular item is ending. It also comes with barcode scanner which makes it easy to discover products at a cheaper price on ebay. For those who want to go social, the application will allow you to share your favorite items with friends on facebook or Twitter.

Get this App from here

  1. 8.    GoPago

You can make orders and pay for services and products near you with this GoPago App. As of now , the application is working for residents in San Francisco Bay Area but it will come to your area very soon. All you have to do is to enter your payment information once then GoPago will enable you to securely pay for anything. You no longer have to waste time in those long lines at your local outlet, simply make your order and pay before arrive.

Get GoPango from here

  1. 9.    Coupon Sherpa

Every shopper wants free shopping coupons, but the discomfort of carrying them all the time , just makes me hate them. However, Coupon Sherpa just made the all process of getting coupons and moving with them easier.  You can use Coupon Sherpa to access thousands of shopping coupons from top stores. Use your mobile phone to show the cashier in any selected store where that coupon works, then the cashier will scan the coupon without printing it out. These coupons are updated on a daily basis so you will always have access to latest discounts.

Get coupon Sherpa from here

  1. 10.                     Sale Saver

We all love buying products while they’re on sale, this Sale Saver App just makes things easy when it comes to calculating how much money you’re saving on a particular bargain. The application allows you to put specific items in a convenient shopping cart which will enable you see your growing total as you browse through the store, it will help you stay on budget by comparing your items and removing those that don’t make the cut. This app just makes it easier to shop items on sale.

Get Sale Saver from here:

  1. 11.                      Groupon

Well known by many shoppers and used by millions of shoppers to get unbeatable deals for 50-90% on just about anything. You can customize this Groupon App and get fresh deals every morning. With Groupon App, you can be in position to browse and buy products or services on demand, you can also share Groupon deals with friends and family so that they also save money while shopping.

Groupon App is free, so you can download it here

  1. 12.                      Buzzillions Reviews:

Voted as the best black Friday shopping app. Buzzillions Reviews will put over 18 million product reviews at your fingertips. It is better to buy a product after reading reviews about it. With this Buzzillions Reviews App, you can be in position to scan barcodes to find products, then you will read detailed reviews on each product you want, compare pros and cons of each product, then decide on which product to buy.

Get Buzzillions Reviews App for free here

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