15 Examples of Business To Business Technology You Should Know

Business-to-Business (B2B) is a commerce transaction between businesses. In this case, one business sells products or services to another business. For example, a manufacturer can sell to a wholesaler, or a wholesale can sell to a retailer. Business-to-Business technology is a technological service or product sold to a business by another business to accomplish technological tasks . Not all businesses can invent their own technologies, so they have to buy that technology from other businesses or manufacturers of that specific technology.

Below i have listed 30 examples of business-to-business technology; however, companies I have mentioned on this list might not exist in your location, but there similar companies providing the same business technology in your location.



  1. 1.     IT SERVICES:

 Geek Squad: This is a U.S based Information technology company, it is a good example of IT companies which will take care of all your Information technology needs in your business. Their so many IT service companies world wide and i advice you to work with your local based IT service company because they will understand your technological needs and you can call them at any time. For those in United States, Geek Quad is one of the best IT service company you can embark on to solve your technological needs for your small business. Some of their services include ”Network configuration, Mobile / device / printer support / and much more. Get fast, reliable tech support for your business when you need it. Learn more here 


  1. 2.     COMPUTERS:

 APPLE: Every business has to use computers to accomplish different business tasks. APPLE makes high end computers and tablets which can be used in business. For those who need powerful desktop computers, you can opt for the iMac desktop computer which starts from $1199, they also have laptops and tablets like the iPad & Mini iPad which can be used by any business person. Apple has the best hardware and software which you can use in your small business. Try Apple products for business today, here 



  1. 3.     Satellite Equipments

SOLID SIGNAL: If you want to get the best satellite equipments for your small business, you should try SOLID SIGNAL. It is both a retail company dealing in different Satellite Equipments, these include satellite components, satellite splitters, satellite accessories, RV Satellite Dishes , Rain Fade Solutions, Multiswitch Power Suppliers, Multiswitches, Mounting Supplies, Dish Network Receivers, Dish Network Remotes, DISH Network Dishes, and so much more. Get a quote today from here


  1. 4.     Electronics

Business Electronics: When it comes to technological office equipments and solutions, the option to choose from is wide. However, i have chosen as the best example , they provide both products for your office and technical support for those equipments. Some of the products they provide include, Hewlett-Packard Printers and some of the services they provide include; support for office technology systems like printers, scanners, fax and so much more. Remember, this is just an example of a business electronics company, you can find the best electronics company in your local area to serve your small business. See them here…


  1. 5.     Networking Equipment

Networking Equipments are very essential in every business. If Networking Equipment are well implemented, they make communication and information flow in a business easy, workers can easily share documents , save and retrieve data from one single networked database, share various office equipments like printers, internet, computers and so much more. To save money, i have selected a; this is a worldwide leader in used network equipments like routers, switches, servers from top brands.  If your business is small, you will need to save money and spend less on hardware, so using used network equipments will be a good idea. All equipments sold by Network Hardware Resale (NHR) are tested to guarantee excellence.

Learn more about Use network equipments here


  1. 6.     Data Storage and Remote Backup

 It is very important to store and backup your business data in a secure place. Computers crash all the time, so you can not save all your business data on your computer. Now day’s businesses are resorting to remote cloud data storage facilities like and These services will allow you to save all your business documents on high-tech secure servers, and you will be in position to access that information from anywhere, so in this case, data is not locked in one station and these services make sure that your data is encrypted so that 3rd parties like hackers get no access to this data. Your business is not disaster proof, so any time a disaster will strike your business and you will lose all important business data, so try out  /


  1. 7.     Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?  This is a computing model where services are provided on instant using the internet. Using cloud computing services will simplify the way you accomplish specific tasks. Resources like hardware and software will be delivered over the internet, it also involves cloud storage , cloud databases which can enable you save and retrieve your business information from anywhere, and so much more. Though cloud computing security is getting more exposed to threats, companies like will provide your business with the most secure cloud computing service. So, why do you need to use cloud computing services, (1) Cloud is virtual, (2)It can be more secure, its is flexible and scalable, (3) It is affordable, you can simply start with a small plan.  Learn more about Rackspace cloud computing services here


  1. 8.     Servers

 If you want to scale your small business using technology, you need to take advantage of server technology. A server is a software & hardware which delivers content through the internet. Some businesses have their own custom servers, but it can be costly to maintain and operate your own data server, so if your budget is limited, you can opt for remote server. Before, you invest money in a server; make sure that you understand your business technological needs. Some of the great companies which make data servers for both small and big established business include,,, and You keep your server secure, you need to use a complicated password and restrict access to this server.


  1. 9.    Video Conferencing

Communication is vital in a business, you always need to communicate with your employees or suppliers, so you need to use advanced business communication tools. Video conferencing applications will allow you to carry out a virtual meeting with your business partners or employees on the go. Video Conferencing companies like,,, provide various video conferencing packages, each of these companies will give you a free trial version of their web conferencing tools, and then you will later have to subscribe to simple basic plan which can fit your small business communication needs.




  1. 10.                      Internet Service Providers

For your business to reach targeted markets and to compete with some successful global companies, you need to use internet. It is better you subscribe to fast broadband internet, most ISPs rate their internet speed by bits per second (bps). Use a reliable internet provider and in this case, every country has its own internet providers, so in this case, i will not refer any internet provider. You can use internet to market your small business using social networks like facebook, twitter and Youtube. You can use internet to improve on your customer service through your website and survey polls.

Pricing will depend on the quality and amount of bandwidth your business needs to use, but in general you will be spending around $50 – $300 per month.

  1. 11.                      Web Hosting

For you to reach a global market and to serve your clients in an efficient manner, you will need a company website. It is not expensive to own a business website. Companies like have made it cheap, you can register your company website for only $10 , then pay $4 monthly hosting fees, in your hosting control panel you will find drag and drop website building tools which can help you build a small business website in a few hours. Their so many website hosting companies online, so it is your choice as a small business owner, to choose which company provides the best web hosting packages.


  1. 12.                        Internet Consultants:

 Since you’re new in this internet game, you will need to hire an internet expert; these experts have wide knowledge about internet marketing, security, law, accountancy, human resource, social media management, search engine optimization and so much more.  In this case i recommend SPARTAN INTERNET , it is a digital marketing agency , they provide a wide range internet services and these include Digital Marketing Services, Free Website assessment , Internet Consulting services, Online brand development , Ecommerce consulting and so much more. For more details, visit them here




  1. 13.                        Phone Services:

I know you have a Smartphone, but the customer department section will not use smartphones to answer business calls, you need business phone systems which can perform multiple communication tasks. A business phone system is cheap and it can record business messages when you’re out of office. Companies like AccessLine provide affordable business phone systems , they have no long-term contracts or cancellation fees, you get a chance to keep your existing number, you will get lifetime customer support, they include complete set of standard features like ( voicemail, call transferring ), you can easily use them, all you have to do is plug-and-play. Learn more about pricing here

You can as well buy mobile devices for your employees, this will enable them communicate while on the move, though most employees will prefer using their own personal cell phones, so you can give them free airtime.


  1. 14.                      VOIP Phone Service

Voice-over-Internet services simplify the way you communicate, VOIP is internet based communication which replaces landline phones, VOIP companies offer different packages and equipments which can serve your small business. One of the best VOIP companies is ”VoIPo”, with this company; you can save $149 getting unlimited calls for almost 2 years. Cut communication costs and get rid of landlines, with ”VoIPo”, you can make and receive virtually unlimited calls using your regular phones and you will also get lots of features which include; Call waiting , Advanced Voicemail, Online Call History, Call Forwarding, Custom Caller ID, Online Voicemail, Failover, Telemarketer Block, Do Not Disturb and so much more. Visit VoIPo and learn more here

15. Virtual Phone Systems

For your small business to succeed, you have to learn how to cut costs, and this Virtual phone system will help you cut your communication costs. It is flexible and cheap to manage. In this case i suggest you try Grasshopper, you will be in position to run your business using your cell phones. Grasshoppers works in a very simple way, (1) You pick a number for your business, (2) You record your custom main greeting message which your callers will listen to when they call your business number. (3) Easily add departments and employees, (4) now start receiving calls, voicemails and faxes anywhere in the world.  This all process makes communication with in your company flexible and easy, yet it comes at an affordable price. Learn more here…


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In conclusion:

All technologies I have listed above are supplied or produced by those businesses, but they do not sell to individual consumers, they only make transactions with businesses. Sites like have a wide data base of Business-to-Business technology based companies which can supply you with different business technologies to help your business grow. Some times, money is not exchanged when it comes to B2B, some business might agree to share technologies, and this happens when both business serve a similar market. A good example is Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple & Facebook, these four technology based companies share some business technologies without exchanging money, but they all agree with each other for the benefit of the end user.

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