Use of Electric Car in Current Economy- Pros and Cons

The use of the electric car is increasing as the automobile industry has taken a new turn, now trying to shift more towards green energy sources and reduce the use of fossil fuels. In the current economy, the term “fuel economy in cars” isn’t cost-efficient enough because the cost of oil is rising each year. The electric car has arrived as a solution but not without its pros and cons.

Promising Electric Cars

Tesla Model S has to be the queen of electric vehicles offering breathtaking mileage, speed, luxury, technology, and rocks when it comes to green future. The controversial Faraday Future seems like a worthy opponent to Model S because no one else is close enough. Other available EVs that make it to the top 10 include,

  • Nissan Leaf
  • BMW i3
  • Renault Zoe
  • Chevy Spark EV
  • VW e-Golf
  • Kia Soul EV
  • Ford Focus Electric
  • Fiat 500e

If you want to know about specs and prices of these top electric cars, EV Obsession has the details.

Pros of Electric Cars

Here are some of the advantages of the electric cars.

Greener Energy

The electric cars are fueled by electric cells or batteries. The only way fossil fuels can ever be involved in powering EVs is through being the source to generate the electricity. The pros of electric cars also encompass that this electric fuel is generated through safe and green means like the wind or hydroelectric power plants.

Greener Planet

This is another benefit of electric cars and probably the most needed one where climate change has turned into a serious global issue. Fossil fuels are a major cause of global warming on the whole but vehicles on the road are the biggest contributors. Along with the excess heat, exhaust pipes release poisonous gasses into our environment, making it hard for us to breathe clean air. EVs provide a secure solution because there are no exhaust pipes or air pollutants. Hence electric cars are also called zero-emission vehicles.

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Lesser Noise Pollution

Roads are a mind-bending place to be if you are an advocate of the silent revolution. The roaring engines not only destroy the peace of people’s mind outside the car but the passengers themselves also take the toll on their ears. Noiseless riding gives electric cars an edge over petrol and diesel engines because there’s no hum involved at all. Almost as if you are sitting on a train and only the racing enthusiasts are going to miss the rage of the firing engines, for the rest; horns will still be there to annoy annoying people.

Faster Acceleration

Tesla Model S P100D has baffled the automobile industry because people thought it wasn’t possible for electric cars to beat the combustion engines when it comes to drag racing. Not only did Tesla’s latest P100D beat the record with an astonishing 60-mph hit in just 2.5 seconds, the latest Faraday Future FF91 brags to be the fastest car in the world.

Recharging Options

You can never ever afford to build your own gas station because that amounts to six figures. Pros of electric cars also include home recharging that is just as easy as following any plug and play manual for your home appliances. You can recharge your electric vehicle right in your garage or drive away and by the time you wake up, it will be ready to drive 80-100 miles. Home recharging stations are less costly and do take all the night to fully recharge but if that’s too much for you, electric charging stations have already developed an extensive network in the developed country. Brand charging stations recharge very fast compared to home charging stations.

Cheaper Recharging

Electric Cars per mile comparison

Electricity is cheaper compared to the petrol and diesel in almost all the developed countries. According to estimates, EVs cost per mile is just one-third to a quarter compared to the combustion engine cars. The per mile difference makes it crystal clear how much EV users save on the monthly basis and this is exactly the reason why they are getting popular even in oil-rich countries like Dubai.

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Cons of Electric Cars

Here are some of the disadvantages of the electric cars.

Developing Infrastructure

Electric vehicles are popular enough but not quite there yet to an extent where you can find a charging station just about anywhere. This obviously matters when you have hundreds of miles ahead and you are not sure that you are going to find a charging station down the road you are traveling. Thankfully, Tesla does provide a detailed map of its charging stations across the US so it becomes convenient. This doesn’t mean the gaps have completely been covered.

Recharging Time

One of the worse cons of electric cars continues to be their tediously long recharge time. An hour of recharging from a 240-volt source in the most EVs typically adds 20-25 additional mileage and that’s not praise-worthy considering longer roads. The time/recharge ratio must be reduced before the electric cars successfully dominate the consumer market.

Costlier Cars

Prices of electric cars

There is no doubt electric cars come at a handsome price. One the average, most electrical cars cost between $30,000 to 40,000 while you can bring home a fully loaded luxury gas car under the same price options. So while your monthly savings are high, the initial price gives a heavy blow to the affordability of the car buyers. Elon Musk has found its way around the problem by introducing Tesla Model 3 which will start shipping in 2018.

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Lesser Variety

Electric vehicles are not new but they were never fully appreciated until Tesla Model S showed the scope of the business to the car world. Now more carmakers are stepping into the arena but it will take some time before the electric cars are cheap enough because biggest advantage of electric cars is somewhat the same as gasoline vehicles: the core (engine vs. batteries).

Pros and cons of electric cars: Summary

We learned about the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars and we discovered that car buyers have to carefully balance out between the pros and cons before they make up their mind.

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Muhammad Waqas
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