SpaceX Releases video of its Interplanetary Transport System

SpaceX has revealed its Mars Mission waypoints with a new video debuting its Interplanetary Transport System. The teaser video shows SpaceX’s new BFR rocket which appears to be taller than current Falcon 9 and BFS spaceship which is also the largest ever conceptualized by any aerospace company.

The futuristic video SpaceX’s Interplanetary Transport System was uploaded on YouTube minutes before CEO Elon Musk revealed more details at the International Astronautical Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico. Interestingly, BFR and BFS stand for “Big Fucking Rocket” and Big Fucking Ship” as reported by The Verge.


The viral video (44k views in less than 24hrs) shows the huge BFR mounting the huge BFS and then the entire body is launched into space. After releasing BFS in the parking orbit, the BFR detaches and heads back to the Earth where it lands on its Cape Canaveral Launchpad and mounts a fueling tanker. The rocket launches again, delivering the fuel tanker to BFS.

The fuel tank injects the fuel into BFS after which both the tanker and BFR head towards the Earth while the Big Fucking Spaceship heads on to its long journey towards Mars. On the way, the BFS unfolds solar panels and the video ends with SpaceX Interplanetary Spaceship landing on mars and doors open to unveil the mars vista. The last part is a surprise for you, don’t miss it. It is how Elon Musk wants it there, and so do we.

Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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