SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion facebook satellite

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion took place just two days ahead of launch on September 1, Thursday. The launch vehicle’s payload, Facebook’s AMOS-6 satellite, was completely destroyed in the explosion. The cause of the blast still unknown, the company says its investigating the so-called anomaly that caused the incident.

Facebook’s dream to provide the internet to low-access Saharans washed away in fumes as flames encapsulated Falcon 9 during a testing procedure. The SpaceX rocket explosion took place on Thursday morning when the equipment was being checked through a pre-launch fire test to verify the viability of the launch vehicle.


According to SpaceX, the explosion has to do something with the launch pad but nothing can be said for sure and they are still investigating into it. Responding to the mishap, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that he is deeply disappointed by the blast while NASA also issued a statement pointing out that such instances are subject of any space mission and the latest case proves that it’s a challenging niche.

SpaceX has failed the mission CRS-8, but we don’t know how it’s going to effect the company’s reputation in the aerospace market. NASA has many contracts with the company to deliver cargo to the International Space Station, but after the latest Falcon 9 rocket explosion, the schedule could be delayed or even canceled.


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