Running an Online Business? Why You Should Use a MacBook Pro

In Forbes Magazine’s annual look at brands, Apple continues to top the list. The brand is valued at $205.5 billion. With such a strong brand the Apple MacBook Pro has to be a serious contender in any computing solution for your business.

Having a MacBook Pro is essential for running an online business. Keep reading to learn why you should use a MacBook Pro.

Simple Maintenance

Apple is famous for low maintenance needs. The build quality and tech support from Apple make this a resilient choice, especially if you don’t have in-house technical support available. Apples are much less prone to hacking and viruses.

Brand Status

We might not always like how seduced we are by brands but there’s no escaping the message using a MacBook sends to clients. Apple is a prestige, high-status brand. If you wear a designer suit or drive a smart car, clients are more likely to be impressed and it’s the same with your MacBook.

Creative Credibility

If your online business is a creative one, then the MacBook Pro is the industry standard. Designers and other creatives expect it. This brand loyalty by designers and the wider artistic community is born of years of market domination by Apple.

Love the Design

Compare an Apple MacBook Pro with any other PC and the PC comes off as the poor relation in terms of design. Even high-end alternative products lack Apple’s sophisticated lines, display quality, responsive keyboards and the lovely feel of their trackpads.

The user interface is so user-friendly you barely need any instructions to use it. Applications are not just effective but they are attractive too. It’s an overall great user experience and conducive to productivity in a busy business environment.

Integration with Other Apple Devices

Apple has been very successful at getting users to buy into one Apple product and then progress to others. Mac users often integrate iPhone, iPad and Apple watch with each other and seemingly into their work and home lives too.

The products work seamlessly across the categories. The wide range of MacBook Pro accessories is similarly well integrated. Compare this with the sometimes-variable standards across the PC accessories market.

Office Compatibility

You may be concerned that the business world seems to be orientated around Microsoft Office applications. That’s a PC application, isn’t it? Where does that leave Apple MacBook Pro users?

Office for the Mac world is very effective. You would hardly notice the difference except for how good it feels to have a Mac built around it. Word, Excel, Outlook and the rest of the Office stable are very comfortable and at home on a MacBook Pro.

Long Life

A MacBook Pro lasts longer than a PC. It may be more expensive but the cost of ownership has to factor in how soon you’re going to have replaced the PC. It’s not unusual to hear claims of 5 to 10 years of useful life.


A final benefit to any online business of a MacBook Pro is how little you need to worry about security issues. There’s no need to manage virus checkers.

Use a MacBook Pro

The PC vs MacBook Pro debate will rage on. People have preferences but use a MacBook Pro before you reject it. The business case is very strong for Apple’s player in this market.

Try out a MacBook Pro in an Apple Store.

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