The Role of Technology in Banking Industry

The banking sector has embraced the use of technology to serve its client’s faster and also to do more with less. Emerging technologies have changed the banking industry from paper and branch based banks to ”digitized and networked banking services. Unlike before, broadband internet is cheap and it makes the transfer of data easy and first. Technology has changed the accounting and management system of all banks. And it is now changing the way how banks are delivering services to their customers. However this technology comes at a cost, implementing all this technology has been expensive but the rewards are limitless. Below I have listed some of the roles of technology in the banking industry.


This enables the bank to deliver its services easily to its high end customers. To make the system user friendly to all clients, banks have used a Graphical User Interface (GUI) , with this software , customers can access their bank details on their own computers, make money transfers from one account to another, print  bank statements and  inquire about their financial transactions. Another technology used by banks to exchange data between the bank and clients is called Electronic Date Interchange (EDI); this software can be used to transmit business transaction in a computer-readable form. So the client on the other end will be in position to read the information clearly.

NRI Banking Services

This technology has been embraced in countries like India, USA, UAE, just to mention but a few.  Since many people go abroad to work, they have a need of supporting their families. So technology has made it simple for them to send money to their loved ones easily.

RURAL Banking

Unlike in the past when banking was centralized in urban areas, now day’s technology has made it simple to set up banking facilities in rural areas. For example: In Africa, they have introduced Mobile money banking facilities. In this case a user in a rural area will have an account with a mobile company which is opened for free. They can then deposit money on that account via a near by mobile money operating center. This money can be withdrawn at any time any were in that area and they can also receive or send money using the same system.

Plastic Money

Credit cards or smart cards like ‘VISA ELECTRON’’ have made the banking industry more flexible than before. With a credit card , a customer can borrow a specific amount of money from the bank to purchase any thing and the bank bills them later. In this case, they don’t have to go through the hassle of borrowing small money. Then with ‘’Smart Cards’’ like visa electron , a customer can pay for any thing using that card and that money is deducted from their bank accounts automatically, they can also use the same card to deposit  or withdraw money from their accounts using an ATM machine.

Self-inquiry Facility

Instead of customers lining up or going to the help desk, banks have provided simple self inquiry systems on all branches. A customer can use their ATM card to know  their account balance, or to get their bank statement. This saves time on both sides.

Remote Banking

Banks have installed ATM machines in various areas; this means a customer does not have to go to the main branch to make transactions. This facility has also enabled anytime banking, because customers can use ATM machines to deposit money on their accounts. Remote banking has helped people in rural areas improve on their culture of saving money.

Centralized Information Results to Quick Services

This enables banks to transfer information from one branch to another at ease.  For example, if a customer registered their account with a rural branch, they can still get details of their account while at the main bran in an urban area.

Signature retrieval facilities

 Technology has played a big role in reducing fraud in banks which protects its clients. For example, banks use a technology which verifies signatures before a customers withdraws large sums of money on a specific account and this reduces on the errors or risks which might arise due to forgery.

Their so many other uses of technology in the banking sector, you can build on this list.

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