Microsoft may be late, but the tech giant finally realized its mistake and Windows will be given justice through Windows Store featuring desktop apps. Yes, that’s right. Now you will be able to download apps directly from Windows Store!

This is kind of the news that just doesn’t go without commentary. People have been there since Windows 98’ and Windows continues to be their favorite operating system ached their hearts, because it wasn’t getting the attention it should have.

Microsoft software engineers should have asked this question in the first place: why people love iPhone and android phones? Which is true, they do nowadays more than laptops and PCs because they are portable. To answer your question… Apps. People love apps and without Play Store, android phones would be nothing but empty shells and same goes for iPhones.

Windows 10 maker should have brought desktop apps when Windows Store was first introduced for Nokia-based Windows Phones. But the company was so overwhelmed by the success of Apple and Android phones, the tech giant became obsessed with promoting its own Windows phones, ending up selling Nokia without any luck. Likewise Windows Store had been dedicated to the mobile fight, and finally, it ends with the introduction of desktop apps.

How the change is taking place? The company is putting Desktop Bridge to some good use with 2016 build. So Microsoft’s Windows Store will now house existing desktop apps and new apps from third party developers, essentially, acting like an app store for PCs. This together with company’s universal apps is expected to raise some excitement into the PC world.

The first batch of desktop apps includes popular desktop applications Evernote, Arduino IDE, doubleTwist, PhotoScape, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, Virtual Robotics Kit, and many others. This is also a great news for Windows application developers because now they will get the necessary security that comes with MSFT’s store management.

This is a huge leap because the Windows ecosystem is not only comprised of PCs, but Laptops, and smartphones, gaming consoles (Xbox One), and augmented headsets (HoloLens) as well. So developers can now enjoy peace of mind shipping their application across all these platforms.

For users, it means downloading thousands of useful apps without inviting in the malware, spyware, and other disastrous viruses. Thanks to Desktop Bridge, the Universal Windows Platform apps, and its APIs (Cortana, Action Center) things will be very different now.

Last but not the least, the desktop apps from Windows Store can be installed via popular installers like InstallShield, WiX, and Advanced Installer. Moreover, there is a Desktop App Converter as well to make the process a breeze.


Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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