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Intel to Acquire Movidius, the company behind Tango Technology

Movidius is a tech company that powers Tango and DJI’s drones and now it is about to found a new lodge by Intel’s side. The chipmaker hasn’t revealed how much is it paying to buy the future subsidiary but Movidius doesn’t look like a cheap deal.

Most people don’t know about Movidius, but everyone knows about the Google Tango technology. Well, Movidius powered the first generation of Tango phones and tablets utilizing their cameras and sensors. DJI’s Phantom 4 drone are also a courtesy of this company, which is expected to go under Intel’s wing in the coming months.


The news of acquisition first came forward from Movidius CEO Remi El-Ouazzane, who said in a recent post that they will offer their hardware expertise to Intel’s cloud computing and AI platform. He elaborated that the company will remain focused on the hardware arena. That’s for Tango-makers part, but Intel hasn’t publicly declared a profitable cause.

Intel buying Movidius, actually, is not that hard a puzzle to solve. The chipmaker has been working on improving computer vision and enhancing its RealSense technology. Interestingly Intel has also made drones in the past to show off intelligence of its RealSense technology and with Movidius’ acquisition, currently comprised of 180 employees, Intel gets an extra hand to work on both computer vision and drones.

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