The Future of Information Technology

For any business or individual to succeed in today’s information-based world, they will need to understand the true nature of information. Business owners will have to be information-literate entrepreneurs and also their employees will have to be information-literate knowledge workers. Being an information-literate means you can define what information is needed for , know how and where to obtain the information , understand the meaning of the information once received, and can act appropriately based on the information to help your business or organization achieve its goals.

As the world develops, new emerging information technologies will pop-up on the market and for businesses to gain competitive advantage; they will have to learn how to use information technology to their advantage. Employees must become literate about the latest information technology so that they can cope with demanding challenges at work.

Information technology as a subject will not change, it’s the tools of information technology that will change, more technologies will be developed to simplify the way we use IT at work, at home, and everywhere in our lives. You can learn more about the use of information technology here >>>>>

Information can be described in four different ways and these include; Internal, External, Objective and Subjective. Internal information describes specific operational aspects of the organization or business, External information describes the environment surrounding the organization, Objective information basically describes something that is known and Subjective information will simply describe something that is unknown.

Future of Information Technology

Business owners will have to know what their customers want and provide services or products in time. Technically i can term this as ”The Time Dimension ” .

The time dimension of information involves two major aspects and these include; (1) providing information when your customer wants it. (2) Providing information that describes the time period your customer wants.

Information technology tools like computers will still be useful in the future and these computers will change their functionality with a main goal of improving the way we do business or transfer information. Institutions like Banks, Schools, Shopping Malls, Government agencies will all have to use new information technology tools to serve their users basing on the needs and expectations of their users.

Future information technology will change the face of business. Already we have seen how current information Technology has shaped the e-commerce world. Now with services likeGoogle Wallet and Squareup, buyers can easily turn their mobile phones as payment gateways, the introduction of these new e-commerce payment gateways have shaped our e-commerce world and more technologies will merge as consumer demands increase with time. In brief let’s look at some examples of some information technology tools which will shape our future and simplify our lives.

(1)    Google Wallet:  Google wallets will enable you use any smart phone to purchase products online. It supports all credit and debit cards. The good thing about Google wallet is that it will enable you store all your cards online so that they’re with you wherever you go.

Future of Information Technology

(2)    Squareup : Also squareup technology will enable you make online transactions using your mobile phone.  As a user you will only pay 2.75% per swipe, and their will be no additional fees and next day deposits. This is a great tool for business, it is flexible and affordable. Square works with Android and iOS smart phones.

More technologies will emerge as the world develops , because our demands will change with time. So it is up-to us to be literate and learn how to take advantage of future Information Technology.

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