Voice broadcasting and SMS messaging has revolutionized the services industry. Rather than utilising man-hours in conveying messages to consumers, it enables a system of interactive customer notifications over the phone. This reduces functional costs and generates revenue, but providing an additional of efficient customer service.

Voice Broadcasting in the Collections Industry

The collections industry is labour- and cost-intensive. Besides, it is very difficult for business representatives to reach all customers quickly and efficiently. A call centre with a full-time workforce works on fixed timings and effectively achieves targets that cover only a fraction of your database.

Voice broadcast allows representatives to reach out to scores of customers on a database in a single shot, rather than calling each person, individually. A company has complete control over the duration of the call. Also, it enables you to extend the hours of working and cover a larger portion of your customer base. An automated system will call a customer again if a call has been routed to an answering machine or gone unanswered. Timings for calls may be set by the company and all outgoing calls will be made simultaneously. Besides, it may be customized to suit your needs.

If you are wondering whether these automated systems are ideal for your company, take a look at how broadcasting messages provide you great benefits:

  • They help you increase the number of connected calls you make.
  • They reach out to a large credit delinquent base with customized messages.
  • They send out account updates to a large database.
  • A single recording may reach out to your entire data or list at one go.
  • They enable automated surveys and facilitate defined feedback.
  • They send out reminders to customers
  • They may even be used to connect with employees, to send out emergency weather intimations, season’s greetings, important official updates, etc.


SMS Texting in the Collections Industry

With the proliferation of smart devices, SMS broadcast is trending. The system allows for the same abilities as that of voice broadcast but with an added benefit. With an SMS, a company has the ability to customize the message for each individual. This proves beneficial to a collections company on several levels:

  • To improve relations with a customer by sending out customized messages.
  • To send out important reminders and notifications to customers.
  • To notify a set of customers on documents being despatched.
  • To send out personalized reminders and notifications about consequences to debtors.
  • To send out past dues notifications.
  • To announce special promotions
  • To help create customer surveys.

Speed and efficient transmission of accurate messages is the key to a smoothly functioning collections industry. Voice and SMS broadcast systemsensure that agencies improve on their collection figures and have a satisfied customer base.

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